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Hi I'm Adam R. F. Scoville

I am a Son of God who loves Video Games and 3D Modeling, who loves Knowledge and the Gospel, and who loves being a Mormon.

About Me

I have a strong interest in Video games and comic books, and any thing that relates to 3D modeling since I am a 3D modeler. I have studied video game design for 4 years so far in Highschool. I am an Eagle Scout. I have the appearance of an athlete, maybe even a jock, but I'm just a nerd who loves his technology. I only really play sports with friends and others when I am invited to. My career choice in life is to eventually become a professional Video Game Designer, specifically a 3D modeler and to become an individual of greater influence in the Gaming industry and Gaming community so that I can project my Mormon values through my work, my attitude towards everythng, and my reputation. I enjoy debating with others and obtaining wisdom from the knowledge and experiences that others have in life. I am the oldest of 3 brothers. I enjoy the rain, and enjoy camping and hiking thanks to my experiences in the Scouting program. I love listening to instrumental music as I find it is easier to ponder with than music filled with lyrics. Although I still enjoy and listen to music with lyrics though with Coldpaly being my favorite. Nearly all that I do is influenced heavily and even consciously by the principles of the Gospel. I often time treat many situations in life like a mathematical problem, with the Gospel being the equation to solve it. Obviously enough, that equation has never and surely will never fail, although some problems may be more difficult to solve as life goes on.

Why I am a Mormon

I am mormon because I was born into an LDS family, and because I was thankfully able to obtain a testimony for myself on my own at the age of 12. The knowledge that I have gained through the Gospel has been very beneficial to me in my life. I have been able to experience so many positive things that I probably would not have experienced had I not been involved with the Church. I know that I have an exceedingly great Faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and am striving to develop my Faith and knowledge of the Gospel to even greater heights. The Gospel allows so many things in this world, even in this existence, to align themselves and make sense. The Gospel has brought and continues to bring clarity into my life. I am a Mormon because the knowledge to be gained through this church is infinitely more than could be gained from any other source on this Earth or anywhere else. As I have a foundation of diamond and an unwavering Faith in the church, I hope to share my Faith with others around me so that they too can benefit from the blessing that can be obtained by being a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints. By being a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I believe in and try to follow all of the commandments of the gospel. I honestly do not ever see myself falling away from the church, especially as I care about my friends and family so very much. My faith is strong and has been well refined up to this point in my life and I do all that I can to be sure that it never has opportunities to decrease because of my own short comings. I know fear to be the enemy and expression of opposition against Faith, so I strive to overcome the fears that I have and that I expect to have to deal with, both as a missionary, and eventually a husband and father so that my Testimony of this Gospel will never falter. I do the best that I can to emanate the Christ like attributes in my everyday decisions, actions, and thoughts. Especially the attributes of Knowledge, and Humility, and Virtue. Jesus was all knowing while he was here on the Earth during his ministry and still is all knowing, and yet even with all the knowledge he had, he was exceedingly humble throughout the completion of all of his works, even the Atonement which he fully knew no other mortal being would be able to accomplish. When I return home and begin working in the Gaming Industry, I know that I am going to be faced with many un-virtuous immoral things where my values will be tested. So as I continue to preserver in the Gospel, I am strengthening my Testimony and resolve to keep all of God's commandments so that any of those types of obstacles that get in my way will not be able to phase me even in the slightest. And as a Priesthood holder, I have come to recognize many of my responsibilities, not only as a member in the church, but also as an individual who has his own relationship to Heavenly Father. My bearing of the Holy Priesthood of God is sacred to me and is one of the things that I remember most while striving to stay worthy of it and while striving to use it properly and honorably in the service of my Brothers and Sisters all around me.

What is faith?

Adam R. F. Scoville
Faith is one of the most fundamental Doctrines of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Church. It is to have a hope for things which are not seen but that are still true or real. It is a Principle of Action and Power. It is such a fundamental principle in the Gospel because Faith leads to action, and action, by Faith, leads to following God's commandments, and following God's commandments leads to Power, or in other words, the blessings that follow our obedience upon every commandment of God that we abide. And as we experience blessings, and then recognize them and where they come from, our Faith increases. Faith is so important and so heavily stressed throughout all of the teachings in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints because just as without the Atonement the entire Gospel would have not validity, so would our beliefs in the Gospel have no foundation. Again, Faith is a Principle of Action followed by Power, which power could be greater Faith, or knowledge and understanding of Truth and God, or simply just miracles. And as Faith without works is dead, since we must act in order to exercise our Faith, so too is works without Faith pointless. Without Faith as a foundation for our acts in the Gospel, then we will simply be kicking against the pricks and yielding ourselves no good, nor pleasing God. Faith is a profound principle, and although is such a basic fundamental Doctrine that we have, has so much limitless depth within it to be understood. Show more Show less