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Hi I'm Elder Vai

I'm from Montana. I love Hunting, Fishing, Mountain Biking, Camping and anything outdoors. I love my family and I am a Mormon.

About Me

My name is Elder Vai, I am currently serving a mission for the church in West Virginia. I want to start off my saying that my going on a mission was honestly the best decision I ever made in my life. I have seen change in my life and spiritual growth that I never would have seen otherwise. I have really seen miracles in my service as a missionary which has given me a greater understanding of God and who he is. I am an eagle scout and I love the scouting program, I want to help my younger brother attain his eagle as well when I get back home. I love trying new things and food is one of the things I really enjoy, I can always go for some good Indian food but nothing beats a good sub sandwich. Back home I own a commercial lawn and landscape company that I started when I was 17, I love working and being outside. Fishing, camping and hunting are some of my favorite past time activities, I also love playing rugby and spending time with my family, that is one of the things I have come to realize is very important in life. The greatest thing I have learned from my family is to have a hard work ethic, nothing in life is free. I am planning to attend college when I get home, I want to be an entrepreneur or do something in business management. I live by this motto a good friend once told me: Stay true, stay you and never back down. If we bend ourselves to the ways of the world what do we have to stand for? I am a Mormon, I live it and I love it.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because I know without a shadow of a doubt that Christ suffered for my sins and yours. That is the basis of all of my belief, Jesus Christ. That being said, because of him I can be forgiven of my sins, pains, sickness and everything else that afflicts me in this life. He has already suffered it for me, whether or not I want to accept it he has already done so. (See Alma 7:11-12) I will not lie to anyone about this, at one point in my life I did not know for a fact these things I have written about here were true. I understood my family knew it was true but I did not know for myself that it was true. That really took a toll on me, I was in a very interesting place at the time and I encountered a lot of anti Mormon material which shook my testimony. Looking back at that moment in time now, I realized how I was allowing the adversary to mess with me. I know now through diligent study, prayer and living the teachings of the gospel more fully that Jesus Christ is our Savior. I made it past that rough spot and today my testimony is strong and I continue building it each day as I "treasure up the words of life continually". Because of apostasy (confusion of the original gospel) Jesus Christ called Joseph Smith to be a prophet once again, just like in times of old. Joseph Smith was given the Priesthood authority to lead and guide the church today on the earth. Because of Joseph being called as a modern prophet he was able to bring the fullness of the gospel back to the earth so all of us can partake of it freely and have the correct authority to perform ordinances necessary for our salvation. In the end, why I personally am a Mormon, is because I know these things are true by the power of the holy spirit of God. Once you have a spiritual confirmation of the truth its something you cannot deny. I testify of these truths every day, I want the Book of Mormon to fill the earth so everyone can learn of the truth taught therein.

How I live my faith

I try my best to live my faith every day, I feel that being an example is the best way to do that. Living my life being a loving friend, comforting those who stand in need, standing up for what is right even when nobody else is. There are too many people in the world today that have shifting value's, we need to be firmly anchored on the atonement of Jesus Christ, living what we claim to be. I try my best to share the love of Christ with all I meet, that is ultimately why I am serving a mission so I can bring these teachings that have brought me peace and happiness to my fellow man. I think the biggest thing that you do by living your faith is accepting and loving others who make mistakes or don't show the same kindness or love to you. This can be hard, but when you allow true charity to take over your life and you look for the good in others you see there is always some way you can reach out and help them. "Love your neighbor as yourself"

How can I find someone to talk with, in person, about the Mormon religion?

Elder Vai
You can find someone from our church to talk to simply by going to Mormon.org, there is a little chat tab that will show up. You can also request a visit from Missionaries from our church on the same website, everyone from our church that I know would be more than happy to share our belief's with you. Show more Show less

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

Elder Vai
From my understanding of the word "Cult" it means: "any formal religious veneration" so in effect all church's on the earth are "cult's". I think mankind has used the word in many ways over time to discredit other religions that tend to be more radical or just plain different and that is why it has a negative ring to it whenever you hear it. Before asserting that someone is a member of a "cult" learn about what they believe, chances are they believe the same doctrines you do. There are always explanations' to belief's people have that are probably contrary to the hearsay you received from a friend. Whenever I want to find out truth I go to the source and I encourage you to do the same. Show more Show less

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

Elder Vai
A mission is 100% voluntary and it is a huge blessing but if you are a young person and do not feel like serving no one is going to make you. Most of the missionaries that serve are young men and women around the age of 18-26 years old but married senior couples can also serve together. Mission locations are worldwide and bring very diverse people together all for one purpose, to serve our Father in Heaven and share his gospel with "all kindred's, tongue's and people". I personally have served a mission and I would not trade it for anything in the world, it has brought me closer to my Savior Jesus Christ and I have come to develop more charity toward my fellow man. Because all missions are 100% voluntary we also pay for them out of pocket, I worked throughout high school to save money to pay for my mission which I am happy I was able to have the experience to gain that hard work ethic. Show more Show less

Who wrote the Book of Mormon?

Elder Vai
The Book of Mormon is a collection of writings by ancient Prophets on the American continent, the story begins with a man named Lehi and it is a record of his family and the travels they had as they ventured forth from Jerusalem around 600 B.C. The record continues and was written by prophet's that God chose to succeed Lehi in teaching the gospel to all the people that had come from the family of Lehi, there was much conflict in the land because there were also evil people that had split off. But eventually our Savior Jesus Christ came to minister to these people after he was crucified just like he visited his other apostles. He even told them he would come to visit this people see: (John 10:16). He taught his gospel among the people in the America's and ministered to them for 3 days. I know the Book of Mormon is true and that the only way you can find out for yourself is if you have a sincere desire to act on the answer you receive, God will answer you if you pray and ask him about it I know because he answered me. Last of all you need to diligently study this sacred scripture to really know the teachings and to understand that God loves all people in all nations and will always reveal his word to them. Show more Show less

What is the priesthood?

Elder Vai
The Priesthood in a nutshell is the authority to act in the name of God, this is also the authority to perform baptism and other sacred ordinances. The priesthood has existed since the beginning of the world, prophets have been given this authority (by God) so they have the right to speak for God on the earth. This authority is used to lead the church, to make sure the doctrine and the organization of the church stays the same even though the world around it changes. All worthy male men have the ability to receive this power and authority, but something to keep in mind is that this power can only be used for the blessing of others it cannot be used for our own benefit. I know it is necessary to have this authority on the earth, it keeps us from falling into Apostasy and confusing or distorting the truth of God. This power can also be used to bless the sick and the afflicted, to heal and work miracles, indeed it is the same power that Christ held when He was on the earth. Show more Show less