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Hi I'm Quincy Band

I am a fourth generation Eagle Scout, I grew up in West Virginia, I am studying to be a registered Forester, and I am Mormon

About Me

Ever since I was young I have always loved being in the outdoors. This I think came from spending time with my Dad and Grandfathers just being outside hiking, camping, and participating in activities with the Boy Scouts. With the chances these activities gave me I came to see the great beauty of nature all around us. Sometimes when I was out in the woods I wondered how all this is possible and how does it all work. This has given me a great love for science which helps us all learn how things work. That is why I decided to become a Forester to preserve this great resource for future generations and to help us learn from all nature has to teach us.

Why I am a Mormon

If you really look at this world we live in science tells us of a place where amazing things happen all the time. It also tells us that every thing that happens here is extremely organized and follows a set of rules. This to me shows that it could not just have happened by mere chance. So there must be something greater out there doing all of this and guiding our lives. I believe this greater force is God and He is our Heavenly Father. He loves us and wants the best for us. He is a loving Father in Heaven and like any good father He wants to talk to us. In the past God has shown His love and guided His children here on earth as recorded in the Holy Bible and I want to tell you He still does. I believe that there is a prophet here on the Earth today and He leads and guides The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I believe that this is the Lord's church upon the earth today and that He has brought it back to us because of His great love for us. And I know that you can know this for your self also if you pray and ask God if this is true. He will talk to us through the Holy Ghost if we talk to Him and He has already told us a lot in the Holy Scriptures which consist of the Bible and the Book of Mormon. These two Books are of great worth and they truly are the word of God. God lives and He knows each one of us and our problems and He is waiting with extended arms to receive us. Yet we must work to get there. As it says in John chapter 3 Verse 16: "God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son." I testify that this is true He sent His Son who is Jesus Christ. Who suffered for our sins and redeemed us from them and death. If we but only follow God's commandments and the teachings of His Son Jesus Christ we will be blessed. This is what the church teaches about. We are His church on the earth today and He leads us through living Prophets today. We invite you as Jesus did to come and see for yourself.

How I live my faith

Faith to me is an action word we must do as much of what we can to follow our Father in Heaven's commandments. Yet at times we all fall short and that is when the gift of the Atonement comes in. We do all we can and then the Savior takes care of the rest. The Gospel is such great news. When we live by its precepts all is made right and we can find true joy in this life and in the one to come. It has truly made my life better and allowed for me to have great joy and guidance in my life. That is why I served a mission for two years in the Madagascar visiting people in their homes and talking to them about God. I wanted to share the great joy that the restored gospel has given me with others so they to can be happy now and in the future. But other than that I believe that the way we show our faith is through how we live our everyday life. Are we doing and saying the things the Savior Jesus Christ has and would do if he were here. I strive to remember this and follow through on it everyday of my life.