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Hi I'm Andrea Sand

I'm a theater-loving spunky redhead, a full-time missionary, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a theatre loving redhead and I'm obsessed with Comedy Sportz (yes it is spelled that way). I also love to sing and dance even though I'm terrible at both, but I sing and dance anyway. I was attending Brigham Young University - Idaho (not to be confused with the one in Provo, there are 4 of them actually out in the world) to study biology and math, and I've taken a break from school to serve a full time mission in the Washington Seattle Mission. I started February 25th, 2015, and here I will dedicate a year and a half to serving the Lord; I invite others to learn more about Jesus Christ and how the Book of Mormon, along with the Bible, is convincing evidence that He lives and loves each and everyone of us individually. Everyday I am grateful for this adventure and opportunity to meet and serve new people, and to also strengthen my own faith in Jesus Christ.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents are both members of Christ's church and I've been taught all my life the gospel through Sunday School, youth programs, and Sunday sacrament services. I'm very grateful for these blessings, but that isn't why I've made the commitment to remain faithful to this gospel. When I began seminary (an early morning program designed for the youth in high school that helps us study and learn from the scriptures before school each day) during my freshman year, we were studying the Book of Mormon, and despite having been a member all of my life up to that point, I had never read the Book of Mormon all the way through. I was always ambitious in my goals once I made them, and I always loved reading, so when my seminary teacher challenged us to read it through entirely, I eagerly accepted. I read diligently everyday; I made it my goal to finish before Christmas day, and I was on fire with this desire to read and learn. I reached my goal and completed the Book of Mormon on Christmas Eve, and I decided to take up Moroni's challenge at the end to pray and ask Heavenly Father if the things that were written were true. I knelt and pour my heart out to my Father, and was overcome with at first a horrible feeling of dread. What if I didn't receive an answer? I was terrified of the thought; how could all that I have learned and felt been for nothing? I prayed more earnestly, begging Heavenly Father to hear His daughter's prayer and to answer her if He was really there. At that moment, a quiet voice not of my own spoke very clearly in my mine "You already know," and I was overcome with the sweetest feeling of peace. I knew then that I had a testimony of the Book of Mormon because of the consistent witness of the Holy Ghost that came from God because I exercised faith in Him and did as He asked- to read and pray. I knew then without any doubt that God loves me, that the Book of Mormon is His word, and that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church.

How I live my faith

I think now the most obvious way I live my faith is sharing it with people. Being a full-time missionary is a unique opportunity to devote all of your time and energy to invite people to learn more of Jesus Christ and what He means to us, and everyday I'm grateful to wear His name on my name tag (next time you meet a Mormon missionary, take a moment to look at their name tag to see what I'm talking about). I also live my faith by looking for opportunities to serve and lift others up. One of the simplest but perhaps most profound way Christ was able to teach was by serving and allowing others to serve Him, and then taking those opportunities to teach. Not only did He heal physical bodies, but He also healed the soul by lovingly inviting those around Him to repent and follow Him.

What is the Law of Chastity?

Andrea Sand
The Law of Chastity is a gift given from Heavenly Father designed for the happiness, health, and well-being of both individuals and families. I say "gift" because I've seen the blessings that come from living this commandment from God. Essentially, the Law of Chastity forbids sexual relations outside of marriage between husband and wife. This brings one the blessings of self-mastery, trust in his or her relationships with spouse, protection from sexually transmitted diseases, self-respect and confidence, and peace knowing that one is clean before the Lord. Sexual intimacy within marriage is beautiful and sacred; it's an expression of love between husband and wife and a God-given power to potentially bring His children into the world in families. One of the reasons why breaking the Law of Chastity is such a serious offense in God's eyes is because that power to create life is a gift from God; He is the creator of the universe, and the fact that He has entrusted us to assist in creating life (His children) is not something to be overlooked or abused. Like murder is the unauthorized taking away of life, breaking the Law of Chastity is potentially the unauthorized creating of life, and like the sixth commandment, cannot have a complete restitution made. Like all of God's commandments, the Law of Chastity is meant to bless us and ultimately make us the happiest we can be. Show more Show less