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Hi I'm Chuck

I am a writer, a musician, an entrepreneur, a husband, father of six children and grandfather of eleven. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a very loving husband, father and grandfather. My wife and I have been married more than 37 years yet we often feel we are still on our honeymoon. Because I do not work outside the home, we are able to enjoy each other's company all day long as we work and play together. We live within walking distance of Brigham Young University and enjoy walking to BYU football and basketball games together. We met in junior high school but did not date until the end of our senior year in high school. She waited for me while I served a two year mission to Hong Kong and over the years our relationship has become a pillar of strength to each of us as we've faced tremendous trials and hardships. Our very special marriage is directly affected by our belief that we were married for "time and all eternity" and not just "until death do we part." The understanding that our relationship of 37 years is just in its beginning stages means we are always able to put aside the "small stuff" whenever there has been conflict. It also means we have a very long view into the eternities and are constantly building each other up. To have an eternal marriage, you must have an eternal perspective on things, which makes life in mortality more beautiful and rich. Our six children, now adults, were each welcomed into our family with excitement and joy. We love being parents. We couldn't imagine an eternity without association with our four daughters and two sons - and now their families.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I have an unshakable belief and knowledge of my Savior Jesus Christ. I know he lives. I have experienced Him many times in my life, to the point that I could never deny those experiences. Mormons believe there is revelation through a prophet on the earth today. We also believe that God has restored his gospel - just as it was practiced on the earth when Jesus introduced it - through the Prophet Joseph Smith. I have a witness of the Holy Spirit that just as Jesus was our Redeemer, He chose a young boy by the name of Joseph Smith to restore lost truths and authority to the earth. The year was 1820 and young Joseph was very perplexed about the differences between various religions in upstate New York where he lived. He prayed to ask God which church to join and received a vision of God the Eternal Father and His son, Jesus Christ. They spoke to him and instructed him to translate a book that would be a second witness of Christ, in conjunction with the Bible. This book, the Book of Mormon, is the keystone of our religion. If it is true, then Joseph Smith was a true prophet. If Joseph was a true prophet, then all other doctrines coming through this prophet would also be true. I testify that it is true. Joseph actually was a prophet on the earth today, and several successors have become the world's prophet over the years. Thomas S. Monson is the current prophet on the earth. These are normal, fallible men who happen to talk and speak to God. This is not something made up, but is the will of God today. We need prophets on the earth more now than ever before. A loving God knows this and makes sure we have a spokesperson authorized to speak for him at all times. I know this is true with all my heart.

How I live my faith

I have done many things in the LDS church. To name a few, there were: Sunday School teacher, Young Men leader, cub scout committee chairman, Elder's Quorum President, Elder's Quorum Counselor, Activities Chairman, Employment Specialist, High Priest Quorum Group Leader, High Priest Quorum Assistant, Bishop' Counselor, and Bishop. As you can see, being a faithful member of an LDS congregation means being able to use your gifts and talents, and growing into even more gifts and talents. It means being put in a position to love and care deeply about others and show that love by working with others to fulfill their needs. About 18 months ago, some old friends contacted my wife and I to inform us that they had been praying and were told by their Father in Heaven that they should assist us to serve a full-time mission. We were very shocked by this phone call, but made the decision to pursue serving a full-time mission. Full-time missionaries are not paid to do what they do, and must pay their own expenses. It can be very expensive, yet there are tens of thousands of our fellow members doing it every year. We submitted our application to be considered for a missionary assignment. We then received a "mission call" to serve in the mission area that I had served in 40 years ago - Hong Kong. This time I will be able to take my lovely wife with me to share the gospel of love with our Chinese brothers and sisters. We are beyond excited.

Why do Mormons perform baptisms for the dead?

The doctrine of baptism for the dead is one of the most beautiful doctrines in the LDS church. I believe it also answers one of the biggest questions members of other religions have about their own faith, namely - what happens to people who never have an opportunity to hear about the gospel? Is it fair that one person has an opportunity in mortality to hear about Christ, and another person does not? Church members who have had the experience of being baptized on behalf of a loved one who has died often report being very close to that person spiritually as they do this important ordinance for them. I have been able to assist in these baptisms many times and have found it an incredibly spiritual experience. Show more Show less

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

We have deep respect for the prophet Joseph Smith. After all, he was chosen by our Father in Heaven to be the prophet through which He restored the undiluted gospel of Jesus Christ (as it was originally established by Christ himself with apostles, prophets, etc.) and the power and authority to act in Christ's name to bless the lives of all of God's children on the earth. This is no small thing and Mormons everywhere are in awe of this special prophet, who established this last "dispensation." Throughout history, when God has chosen to re-establish the light of His gospel to a darkened world, he has called prophets to establish new "dispensations." Joseph Smith joins only a handful of prophets, such as Moses and Abraham, who have done this. Consequently, Joseph Smith is dear to the hearts of Mormons everywhere. However, we do not worship Joseph Smith. He was a man with weaknesses and frailties. He was not infallible. We worship God the Eternal Father and His son, Jesus Christ. In our minds and the doctrines of the church, there are magnitudes of difference between a mortal being and the brilliant glory and majesty of our eternal Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ. Show more Show less