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Hi I'm Shauna

I grew up in the church. It has blessed my life in so many ways. How grateful I am that I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a very blessed wife, and mother of seven children. My bio sounds a little dull when I tell you that I enjoy reading, singing, sewing, and most recently, genealogy. Just to liven things up a little, I enjoy golfing with my husband. (I always have said that I was saving the two "G's", golf and genealogy for old age. They are both addictive! I recently retired from working for a pediatric clinic. I worked on site for 12 years, and then when we moved to another state, I continued to work for them part time online. It was a good way to make that moving transition a little easier. I love being a grandmother, and feel picked on that we can't live nearer to all of them!

Why I am a Mormon

I had the good fortune of being born into a home where the Gospel was present. Although my father was not active in the church for all of my growing up years, he insisted that we participate fully. What a great joy it was when he finally resumed activity later in life! There wasn't ever a time when I doubted the truthfulness of the gospel. I know that that is a gift and I don't take it lightly. I'm aware that others struggle and search and doubt, and life is hard because of it. When the Spirit confirms truth to my soul, there just is not any question about how I will live my life. I want the blessings that come from obedience to the laws and ordiances of the gospel, for me and for my family. I love the joy and happiness that comes with knowing I am a child of God, and that I can return to live with Him again. Even if by some fluke, it was found that the gospel of Jesus Christ was not true, there is not one bad thing that comes from living it. Nothing that bears such good fruit can be bad!

How I live my faith

I love being active in my church. The purpose of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is to help others come unto Christ, and to help them prepare to return to Heavenly Father's presence as an eternal family. Every activity within the church points to that goal. Service to others is a big part of that. Being called to a particular position does not necessarily mean you are absolutely qualified, but with the help of the Lord, you can grow into that calling. This was nowhere more evident than when I was called a couple of years ago to be the choir director. As stated above, I love music, but my forte is (or used to be a few years back), singing. So with no training, but a desire to learn and the knowledge that the Lord would magnify my efforts, I stepped into that role - feeling more than inadequate. What I found, was that there was a wonderful group of people in the church unit (ward), who were as dedicated as I was to bringing the Spirit to our Sunday meeting through music. They were kind as I learned, and always, always, when we put forth our best efforts, miracles happened and we sounded WONDERFUL! Most recently, my husband and I have been called to serve a mission. Once again, I feel myself feeling very inadequate. However, as I review the information and complete the training provided, my confidences is growing. I have faith that I can do this! It's a big unknown adventure that I am happy to do, to serve the Lord. It will be so much more rewarding than watching Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. Although it is a sacrifice to leave our family behind, I know that they will be blessed for our efforts. Our absence sends them a message of love and appreciation for our Heavenly Father that I hope they will feel. Some of our children have chosen not to remain active in the church, but they are wonderful, good people, and we are grateful for their support of this decision despite some misgivings.

Why don’t women hold the priesthood in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? How do Mormon women lead in the Church?

Men and women have equally important, but separate roles. We complement the whole as we work together to fulfill God's purposes. Priesthood power is the power to serve and bless in God's name. It is not used as power over others, but as a means to serve. Within the church, women have many opportunities to serve, I believe far more than women of other faiths do who do not hold the priesthood. I am grateful for the blessing of serving others, nurturing others, and supporting my husband as he righteously exercises his priesthood. In turn, he uses his priesthood in the service of our family and within the church, and that refines him. Women are by nature, more refined and spiritual. Men are by nature, providers and protectors. The opportunity to hold and exercise the priesthood, gives men an opportunity to acquire and use those softer qualities. Of course there will be variances to this, but by and large, our roles complement each other. I feel no need to possess priesthood power. I am not diminished by not having it, and my life is blessed by my brothers in the gospel who faithfully and righteously exercise it. Show more Show less