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Hi I'm Dr. Lenny Ralphs

I am retired. I have been a Leadership Development Consultant and I have a PhD from Kent State University. I love being a Mormon!

About Me

I grew up in southern Idaho in a small town. My dad was a accountant and my mom was nurse. I was happy being a Mormon all my life. I played basketball with my friends growing up and i still love basketball. I also played the guitar and sang. I was in all kinds of musical groups and when I went to college at BYU i was in a group called the "Young Ambassadors." I toured Europe with them and also went on a tour of Japan and Korea. I got a bachelors and masters degree from BYU and then went on to get a PhD from Kent State University in Ohio. While at BYU I met my wife and we have 6 children and now 14 grandchildren. I worked for BF Goodrcih in Ohio for 10 years where I was a Manager of Management Development. I spent my career in Leadership Development. For a time I was the Vice President of all the Consultants for FranklinCovey and traveled all over the country working with those consultants. I went on a state sponsored tour of China at one point where we exchanged ideas about Training and Development. As a consultant for FranklinCovey and Shipley Associates I spent time in many of the top 100 companies in this country. For a couple of years I taught in the business school at BYU. I am now retired living in Salt Lake City, Utah with my wonderful wife of 44 years. I have always loved being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - Mormon! It has been central to a happy life and career!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because it makes me happy. Here is why? There is a "plan of happiness" that was created by our Heavenly Father. God is real. It all started before we came here. We existed as spirit bodies before. We were a part of a heavenly family. We saw that Heavenly Father had a wonderful glorious body and we wanted to be like Him. So to achieve this happiness a plan was set forth where we would go to earth and get a body and be tested to see if we would be obedient and faithful. A veil was placed upon our minds so we could not remember this previous life. We knew that all of us would make mistakes in this life and so in the plan of happiness a "savior" would be sent to the world to overcome the gap created by our faults and make it possible to return back to Father in Heaven. Jesus Christ was that savior and he suffered for all of us. His sacrifice (atonement) made it possible for all of us to be resurrected and to live forever - and if we take advantage of the gift of repentance we can live with Him and Father in families forever in happiness. In short, that is the plan of happiness. This life is a short testing state and it will not be forever. God has made it possible for us to live in a state of happiness forever. We just have to believe in this plan of happiness. The doctrines and ordinances found in the Mormon church are what Jesus Christ has established. He appeared along with our Father in Heaven to a young boy named Joseph Smith in a grove of trees in New York in the early 1800's and told the boy Joseph that they would restore all the truths of their gospel to the earth as it was when Jesus was on the earth. Since that time His church is on the earth with all the doctrine and priesthood powers that bring happiness to the earth. I know this is true and you can find out it is true also if you will listen to the lessons from the young missionaries of the Mormon church. Please do this for your own happiness!

How I live my faith

It just makes sense to me to live the principles of the Mormon church. I am happy when I do that. I have found from travels all over the world and in all 50 of the United States that everyone is looking for happiness and peace. I have found it in this Church. All the studies I have seen over the years say that family is still the most important thing in most peoples lives around the world. I am all about family. I love my family and as a Mormon the life I live gives me and my family tremendous happiness. We pray together, play together, worship together, work together. We also, overcome difficult times together. Because of our faith in Jesus Christ we know that He is helping us every day. Our faith and hope is that we can live so we can be with him forever. When I married my wife in the Salt Lake Temple we made commitments to live together not just in this life but for all of eternity. That eternal perspective is what keeps us going. We don't think in terms of divorce. We think in terms of loving and helping each other and others - to not only be happy in this life but to be able to live in happiness for eternity. The things that make people happy and give them meaning in life are all found in our Church. We get outside ourselves and serve others. We start by serving our family, but we don't stop there. We serve those in our congregation (ward) we serve our neighbors and community. I couldn't be happier than to see my own happy family and happy families all around me. I spend a lot of time serving in my Church. Why? Because I believe it helps my Father in Heaven help His children here on the earth. I believe He has a plan for all of His children to return back to be with HIm. And, that is what makes me happy - to know that there is more to life than just this life. Life with families goes on forever. And, that eternal life is far better than this life. What He has in store for us is beyond our imagination. It is real. You can find this reality for yourself as I did!