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Hi I'm Scott Powell

I grew up in a great Family: filled with active members of the Church. But even still, I went away from the Church most of my life

About Me

I have 4 small children, and am married to my sweetheart. My wife is not a member of this Church; but is a willing, long-term investigator (mostly stemming from the fact that she loves me). I come from a very large family: 6 kids in my family; but between my mother and fathers living families, I probably have close to 200 relatives that I see fairly regularly. I started a company in the construction field (residential) Hobbies include: anything which can be competed in (I played lots of sports growing up, and even now when I can) I enjoy all things creative (painting, sketching, building things, making crafts with my kids) I really enjoy and appreciate music (it's a big part of my life) - although I don't currently know how to play any instruments (and don't sing very well). Although, I was a DJ in popular night clubs during and after college I graduated with a Bachelor degree (in Finance)

Why I am a Mormon

Who Am I? That I may by my own testimony, and by my own inspired words, share my beliefs, here are words which I write explaining who I am: Many people may refer to me as a "Mormon"; but I am not a "Mormon". They may say that I am "LDS"; but that has no affiliation to which Church I belong to. I am a humble follower and disciple of Jesus Christ. And as such, I belong to His Church, even the same Church which He established on the Earth over 2000 years ago. And that Church is called the Church of Jesus Christ. As a member of that Church, we may become a latter day Saint, being a Saint in Christ in these latter days of the World. These latter days being a time before our Savior, even the Redeemer of the World, will come with a triumphant and glorious return to gather up His Saints, both the living and those Spirits who have in past times departed this world to patiently await His return, and the judgment of the world. I will go by no other name than that name which I hope to successfully devote my life to each day for the rest of my life, being Jesus Christ. And I hope that if I do that, even when I surely will fail, or fall from perfection, He will by His grace redeem me none the less. I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ; and I am a latter day Saint. And so you will find on the wall of our buildings the name "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints"

How I live my faith

When I came back to religion, it was not for this Church (it was simply to re establish my relationship with my Heavenly Father; and my Savior, Jesus Christ. I started by dedicating myself to a 15 minute reading plan of the Holy Bible in 2012. Through that year, although I didn't read many days (even long stretches of 3-4 weeks sometimes), I was pulled in by the Holy Spirit. And by the end of the year I had gone from fighting myself to read 15 minutes during the day (at any time), to waking up a couple hours earlier than normal (5am - and I am not a morning person) so I could study scriptures 2 hours a day. It became (and still is) my absolute favorite part of the day. So now I still get up early (4:30am now), 7 days a week, so I can devote that time to prayer and scripture study. It has been the thing that has changed my life. I am 100% a different person than I was before I started (a better disciple of Christ, a better husband, a better Father, a better Son, and a better Brother). I now serve a calling at Church, which requires about 2 hours, or so, per week. I love it, and have really come to love the people I go to Church with (as I serve them). I also home teach (fellowship) with 3 assigned families in our Church. I love them all; and have really come to appreciate this organized effort. I feel like I get more out of it than the Families that we visit. Some Families are very active Christians and don't need the support as much as other families (as I am able to perceive their "need"). But even they seem to be uplifted and strengthened by the love and selflessness of what we are doing with them. Then there are families that have fallen away from Christianity (their devotion to the Lord): it seems mostly because they get distracted by their busy lives. It's been really neat to see the miracles that come from the Lord's work in their lives (that I get to be a witness of). I have told our Bishop that I am "all in". Bring it on: whatever he has for me to do

Who was Joseph Smith?

Scott Powell
Joseph Smith was simply a man. He was a man like any other figure in Scriptures (or History books). One thing that separated him from many others in the world was simply his faith and willingness to serve God (as opposed to pursuing things of this world). Because of his faith, the Lord was able to use him as a vessel (or instrument) to restore the living and full Gospel and church. The greatest thing which he was a part of was the restoration of the Priesthood. The Priesthood was necessary to hold all of the keys of the Kingdom of God (the same keys which were on the Earth before and at the time of Christ); the same keys that Christ gave to Peter (Matthew 16:15-19). He was a prophet of God: similar to any preceding Prophet (with the same gifts and spiritual endowment, allowing a close relationship with the Lord). He needed these gifts as the leader of Christ's church here on earth. Christ is the leader (the head) of HIS church, not the Prophet. But the Prophet is the chosen and set apart person on this Earth who the Lord uses as a vessel to lead the Church in His absence. However, all instruction that the Prophet receives comes from the Lord (or should). To avoid confusion, the Prophet is the only person who can give instruction to the Lord's church. Similar to any organization, there must be a chain of command. Joseph Smith's position (the office of Prophet) is similar to the president of a business: he might be who you see at the meetings, but Christ is the CEO Show more Show less