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Hi I'm Bryson Viehweg

I grew up in the Boise, Idaho area to a very large family of nine kids. I have experienced love and loss. I am a mormon

About Me

I love to be active. My life has consisted of multiple sports, camping, fishing, hunting, skiing, boating, rafting, mountain biking, dirt biking, and running. An active life is a happy life. I grew up in a small suburb of Boise Idaho where I was introduced to loss with the death of my mother at a young age, as well as love with the introduction into the life of a blended family. I attended two years of college on a Lacrosse scholarship only to find out that was not God's path he intended for me. I came home, changed my life, and received a call to serve a mission to the people living in Tokyo, Japan. I love to learn about space and science and hope to use both in a career centered around aviation, and hope to live a long life with family, friends, and faith always nearby.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a mormon simply because I was born into it. My father had enough faith and humility to recognize the gospel for what it was, and was baptized as a convert when he was twenty one years old. My mother had the strength and fortitude to live and nourish the faith she was born into throughout her life being born into a mormon family. I am a mormon because I have seen what my faith has done for my family, and I have seen first hand what life is like without it. I am a mormon because God blessed me with a mormon upbringing, and because I choose to follow the example of my Lord and live his gospel.

How I live my faith

I live my faith at this time, by being willing to serve. As mentioned before I am preparing to leave in April for a two year mission FOR my faith. Aside from that I regularly accompany the missionaries assigned to my church ward to their appointments with investigators and members alike. I live my faith by constantly striving to improve myself as a disciple of Jesus Christ. Though I am not perfect and sin often, I have that hope in Christ, and faith in my Lord that as long as I am willing to humble myself and try again, he will make up the rest. I live my faith in how I interact with my family. My sisters receive nothing but the utmost respect and reverence from me, and I honor the desires and wishes of my father and step mother. I attempt patience and love when dealing with the men and women who enter my life. I obey the commandments God has given us to the best of my ability. I follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and the prophets of God I am so blessed to hear and listen to at this time. Lastly I live my faith, by remembering how much I have changed from likening the gospel to my life. Who I am today, and who I was in the past, are two very different people. I love the man I am today, which is something I could not have said till recently. The word of God has the power to change people, and that change is ALWAYS for the better. I know this because I am one of those people.

What is being a Mormon like?

Bryson Viehweg
Being a mormon is difficult. There are many stigmas and stereotypes associated with being a mormon that cause many to come to false conclusions about our faith. Being a mormon is a big responsibility. There are many beliefs we hold that set us apart from most of the world, especially those related to lifestyle. Having restrictions on things like language, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, and sexuality separate mormons from much of modern society. Being a mormon is also very rewarding. Having a universal belief and set program for church services ensures that no matter where I am in the world, I have a congregation or family that I can seek out on the sabbath, and not worry about what my experience will be like. Being mormon is like being a part of an enormous family. Since all mormons believe in the concept of an eternal family, in a way we all see each other as one family as well. Mormons wish nothing more than to share the joy and love that their families bring to them, and that makes for a pretty special experience. Show more Show less