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Hi I'm Paul

I am a convert of 40 years, baptized at 33, and love to read, study, ponder and share this wonderful Gospel.

About Me

My favorite hobby is my children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and close personal friends. I also must admit I love 4-wheeling on the almost terrifying rocks and canyons in the Moab, Utah area. I also love history, especially about this great land of America; the Book of Mormon has added substantially to that love and understanding of this Nation. I also enjoy horses and have owned several through the years and now am down to two, however, now far more "observed" than "utilized." I also have enjoyed hunting and fishing through the years, but the most enjoyment came from being with the family and enjoying their excitement. Work wise I spent several years in the Securities Industry as a Regional Operations manager with numerous trips to and stays in New York City. I have had the opportunity of traveling and doing some work for 13 months in Asia and found the people there a joy to be with. I have truly found, from personal experience, that there are good and great people throughout this world. I have enjoyed most of my life, but must admit it has been more enjoyable after finding the Gospel of Jesus Christ and being baptized into His church. It has added so much joy and understanding about my life and those things I cherish: my wife (of over 52 years!) and the members of my family.

Why I am a Mormon

I used to wonder why I was here, where did I come from and really, where would I go after this life? We belonged to a great Christen Church with wonderful members and a dedicated Pastor. However, my efforts in studying the Bible and talking with numerous "trained" people left me with few answers and mostly each being different. I was also struggling with some things I read in the Bible regarding God, His Son and how it was different today than in the past when we read in Heb. 13:8 about "being the same..." and also what I read in Amos 3:7 that the Lord would reveal all He would do to His prophets. I also had concerns about the after life, not about being saved because of the Atonement of Christ, but what would life be like; if I was just going to be "floating around on a cloud" I was not sure how interested I was. This was not disrespectful regarding the Lord, but I just could not get my mind around that concept. Also, while a member of this other Church a good member had remarked to me how concerned he was for a dear lady in his neighborhood who was the greatest lady he had ever met: she was always doing things for all of their neighbors and was "just an angel", but she was "going straight to hell." She was Jewish. I had a very serious problem with the concept, that while she was the best person he had ever met, she was doomed. From what I was studying, in the Bible, that did not seem right. What about the degrees of glory as mentioned in 1st Corinthians 15:40-41. Questions just kept building in my mind and while I dearly loved my Church, and still have great respect for them, I could not find answers to questions that mattered so very much to me. Then came the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints and, to my amazement I had answers, and yes, life changed and many things of concern "just went away." My life now had answers and a great peace came upon me and a growing desire to always do my best and learn all I could and share it.

How I live my faith

For a number of years I served on a busy committee for our little town and also wrote a grant for funds to help with our historical district. I always enjoyed the different work days our town would have from time to time to help cleanup, etc. One of the great opportunities offered by our Church is to serve in numerous callings and experience the growth that comes with each one. It did not matter if it was with the youth, young adults or adults, it always came with a challenge that brought spiritual growth and new gospel knowledge. An additional service that we enjoy is home teaching. This gives all members an opportunity to visit families and become better acquainted with them and needs they may have that they may not want to talk about in a group, but after they become better acquainted with you they often want to talk about their lives, families, etc. and find ways to work out problems. Often these visits bring out a greater desire to learn about the Gospel and our Savior Jesus Christ and talk about ways to draw closer to Him and better serve Him. This is particularly true of members or families that have allowed themselves to become less active and often are looking for a way to become active again. Just visiting in the home can make a world of difference and give members an opportunity to voice concerns or just ask for help on something that may be very personal and important to them. It is also a joy to be home taught and have that opportunity to talk about things that there may not be time for in our Church meetings. My home teachers have often brought messages that inspired me to re-think something and determine to study a little more and ponder on the meaning of what one has read or discussed. I also very much enjoy the projects we have at times in our Ward to clean up a yard, a street, the creek or whatever. It is wonderful to "rub shoulders" with other members and see the joy they have in helping make things a little better for all involved.