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Hi I'm Calee Gardner

I am an actress. I am a feminist. I am always singing. I am a writer. I am a world traveler. I am a missionary. I am a mormon.

About Me

I was granted the nick-name: Miss My Life Is A Musical, when I was young, and I have remained thus throughout my life. Little did my roommate know when we met at college, it is in fact possible to sing about the dirty dishes in the sink or the sleep depriving nature of Psychology papers. Of course I do not limit myself to my own on the spot compositions based on whatever I am doing at the moment. I can also be found singing show tunes both on and off stage or harmonizing with the scratchy Beatles vinyls when I go home to visit my family (and my record player). As me about radio music and I will give you a blank stare but bring me back to Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald and we will have something to talk about. My voice is certainly my most apt instrument, unless you would like to be serenaded by 25 variations of the first page of "Cristofori's Dream" or the top hand of LDS hymns on the piano. Lucky for me, dancing, singing, and acting work together to form my passion of Musical Theater. I have been in many shows and I am starting out with big hopes for the future. I write short stories, and love taking photographs of the beauty in the world around me. My personal motto is: "a strong woman stands up for herself, a stronger woman stands up for everyone else." I am the oldest child in my family. Currently I am serving a mission in the Alpine-German Speaking Mission. I love being in nature. I love big cities and travel. A young woman with lots of dreams and ambitions: I am strong.

Why I am a Mormon

As I have gotten older and gone to college, I have realized that even though I have been raised as a member of the church, it is my own decision to remain one. I choose to be a Mormon because I love the peace I feel by communicating with my heavenly father. I am someone who has strong personal opinions. It is not enough for me to simply be told that this is the right faith, I had to go to work reading a pondering to find for myself if it was true. I did this by reading the Book of Mormon and with the support of family members and the example of friends. I am drawn to light and I know that being a member of this church brings brightness and security to my existence. It provides a pathway that I know if followed will lead me to eternal joy. I know that God is a loving father because I have felt that love personally. I have felt it in my heart and through the love of others. I am Mormon because I know that the gospel was restored in it's fullness. I know that there is a plan and purpose to my life. I see God's love manifested in the nature around me, beautiful music I listen to, dear friends, and in the human ability of imagination and creating something from nothing. I feel that our ability to think and act definitely show that we are children of God. Life is a beautiful thing and I am so glad that I am blessed to have this religion as part of my life. It has blessed me in times when I am low and down. Times when I was feeling alone or scared and contrastingly: added to my joy during times of celebration and expanded my ability to love others. I am a Mormon because I want to make a difference in this world for the better. I am so grateful that I can have an assurance of who I am, where I came from, and that there is more after this life. I have found that there are specific ways I can work to build up others. I love this gospel, It gives me purpose and provides a passionate outlook on life and in the pursuit of my dreams. That is why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I am choosing to live my faith by leaving to serve a mission in the Alpine-German speaking mission. I have made a commitment to leave my family and friends for a year and a half to go spread the light of the truth of this gospel. Not only do I leave loved ones, but opportunities to continue pursuing my career and training as an actress. I do however plan to use my musical talents to share what I know to be true and good. I help in my local church group by teaching lessons and helping to plan fun activities for others in my youth group. I sing in the ward choir and also share and live my faith by committing to perform uplifting and delight some numbers. When ever I perform I dedicate my performance to the Lord and hope that it will help uplift and inspire those I perform for. I live my faith by working hard to be a good daughter, sibling, and friend to those I come in contact with. I live my faith by sticking to my standards and trying every day to live as Christ did. Loving others no matter what and always trying to find the good in every day; I live my faith by standing up for others and for what I believe.