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Hi I'm Tyus

I am from Utah. I love Kendo, and I'm a Mormon. But most importantly, I am a son of God.

About Me

I'm currently serving a full-time mission in Sendai, Japan, so it's been amazing living here. I love music and art, I want to become some kind of artist, or to create a story, or to write a symphony! I play the guitar and also try to play the piano, but I'm not too great at it, yet! I want to learn to play the cello as well. I did a Japanese martial art called Kendo for three years, that was fun, and I plan on continuing someday. I love to learn, I've played baseball since I was a child, and I've tried things anywhere from football to musical theater, and choir. I love the Japanese Language! I love nature, especially forests and clouds. I love sunny skies, but also when they get a bit moody and becomes stormy. I like trying to figure people out and seeing the inner beauty that lies in every person, I think every persons eyes tell a story if you look long enough.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I have truly felt the influence of God in my life and the love that it brings to my heart.. I wasn't always Mormon although, I was baptized at eight, but I never really considered what I was being taught to be true, it was just something the missionaries told me to do. So time passed, and along with my family, I fell away from the church. Over the years, because of my unwillingness to even look for answers, more and more questions kept building up, they kept eating away at what little of a testimony I had. Eventually I scorned the church, thought of it as imprisonment instead of freedom. But something changed when I turned sixteen. Even though I disagreed with the church's teachings most of my friends were faithful members, some were even preparing to serve missions. So they would keep bantering me with invitations to camps and other spiritual activities, and finally over time I caved and went on a "spiritual" camp. While I was at this camp, I felt something, something I could never explain, I know now that it was the Spirit testifying to me the truthfulness of the things being taught to me. It testified of the Love of Christ and his holy sacrifice, that because of him, I, and all of us have a second chance, anything we've done or felt, all pain and suffering are wiped away, we become clean and holy again. Death is not the end, and sin is never our master. Because of him, I know what love is, I feel kindness in my life, I show it to others, I have hope, and most important, I have my Lord, who carries me when I cannot stand. Ever since that day in the mountains, my life has changed, things have become clear, questions answered. And since that day, I have my God. why I'm a Mormon? Frankly, because I can't afford to not be one. Now I know that no matter where I am and no matter who is or isn't standing beside me: I am never alone. That is a never ending truth: we are never alone. And that's why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by trying my best everyday, even if it may be small, to raise someone else. One of the things that brings me greatest joy is helping someone smile or feel happy. I try to make a difference in this world, one small step at a time, one moment at a time. If you look there are infinite small ways that make the world of difference to some one else, and you never know what that one compliment can do for someone. I cherish the scriptures and talk to God openly and honestly because I know that He is right there listening to my every word. I strive to be like Christ, He being the perfect example in all things, I try to fill myself with the immeasurable love that he portrays-- it is hopeless to argue that He was anything but a loving and perfect man. And he being perfect, doing no wrong, suffering for all of us; than I can sacrifice my comfortability, or my time to help someone else. This world is dark, and we have a light in each of us that can lift another, when they are thrown into the air by the whirlwinds of wickedness, our light can be the thing that saves them and drags them out of the bitter gulf of sorrow and pain. Before my mission I taught a church class for twelve to thirteen year old kids every week, and every week it was amazing at how much I could learn from them, I was able to really learn how to live faithfully through meekness and humility that is present in the eyes of a child. I also live my faith my going to the temple as frequently as possible, it is the one place on earth truly free from the wickedness of this world.