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Hi I'm Alex

i'm an army brat that got to travel the us with my family, and i'm a mormon

About Me

I was home schooled my entire life, I got my GED at sixteen, and my Eagle Scout rank at eighteen. because of my homeschooling I never had much social interaction outside of the church. My main hobby/interests have been video games, reading, and whenever I get the chance, going to the shooting range with my family. Me and my friends like to spend time together(co-op in games, beating each other with nerf swords, football(the real kind), ect), and we help to keep each other in line

Why I am a Mormon

i was born in the church, as i grew up i mostly just did what my parents told me to do as well as what my peers did, i wasn't a spiritual person as i grew up, i didn't care mostly, and when my dad would take me to help people move i did(mostly for physical exercise and i thought it was better than just laying around the house or studying). but when i got older i started thinking about what i personally believed, i was reading the scriptures my whole life, but now i was putting more into it than the "i read today" mentality. as i put more into my reading, i slowly learned the answers to questions that seminary had put into my mind, but i still have questions, but i have faith that they will be answered in a time and place that God has chosen i have a testimony of Jesus Christ, and i will obey and trust in him

How I live my faith

my family goes to church every week(so long as nobody gets sick), and me and my father were set up as home teaching companions so we both can talk about the lessons we will teach, i also go to most service projects that i can (helping members in the the area move into/out of houses,mow lawns for the disabled/elderly). i try my best to live the two great commandments, to love God with all that i am, and to love my neighbors with the same fervor

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

We are not required to serve a mission, but we have been called by God to go and spread the gospel. We receive blessings from obeying and serving a mission, but we can say no, and still be a member of the church. We simply say no to the blessings as well, if we choose not to serve a mission. Show more Show less

Why don’t Mormons drink coffee, tea, or alcohol? What is the Mormon Church’s law of health and proper diet?

God gave us what is called the word of wisdom. It was revelation from God to tell us some things that we should do, as well as some things we should avoid, to stay healthy. We received it far before science told us told us the same things. We got the promise that so long as we obeyed, we would have strength and clarity of mind. Later, doctors and medical professionals all began to speak about how things such as alcohol, drugs not prescribed by a doctor, and tobacco products can cause horrible long-term affects. They jump back and forth on coffee. We avoid certain things to obey the Lord and trust that doing so will help us to be healthier. Show more Show less