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Hi I'm Emma Ulrikke Top

I'm a norwegian girl, soon to be leaving for a mission in London. I love art and music and most of all my family. I'm a mormon.

About Me

My name is Emma. I am 19 years old, and I'm starting to feel more of an adult. If I will ever be able to call myself that. I love things that people might say is childish, such as - Disney, childrensbooks, stuffed animals etc. I think growing up is accepting that to be childish is to be more mature. After all God tought us this in the Book of Mormon Mosiah 3:19 (https://www.lds.org/scriptures/bofm/mosiah/3?lang=eng) After I return from my mission I want to study art and beome a graphic designer and illustrator. There is so much in this world that I want to explore! I am quite an adventurer, if I'd say so myself. I love creating and see other peoples creations - therefore I love watching and pondering over the greatest creation of all - the world we live in! I want to become a creator such as God is our creator. It will be my greatest achievement ever. I can't wait!

Why I am a Mormon

We believe that God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost are three different persons with the same purpose: to bring eternal life of man. We believe that the gospel (God’s words and teachings) lacked on earth for a long time after Jesus and his 12 apostles died and the competent authority therefore disappeared. For that man shall return to God, we need the gospel on earth - so that we can prepare ourselves and become better people. Joseph Smith was therefore chosen by God to restore the Church which had existed on earth when Jesus and his apostles had lived. By God’s command and help Joseph Smith translated what we call the Book of Mormon - which is another testament of Jesus Christ. We believe that the Book of Mormon and the Bible are two witnesses of the same gospel - they support each other! We believe in what’s called the plan of salvation: God’s Plan of Happiness! This plan tells us where we came from, why we are here and where we are going when we die. We also believe that God still speaks to us here on Earth today - through our church prophet and President Thomas S. Monson To me it all is so logical. If I think of any other posibillity I can't find any logic. My testimony all relies on logic - and that is exactly what I have found in this church.

How I live my faith

Right now I live out my faith by writing a blog: http://missionaryemma.tumblr.com/ I am preparing to go on a mission from November 6th 2014. It is my greatest fear and my greatest hope and joy so far. I hope to get thru it and gain a strong and everlasting testimony!

What is being a Mormon like?

Emma Ulrikke Top
The difference that I have noticed in my 19 years of living, is that my family seems more bound to each other than other families. I am not saying that families outside of church doesn't love eachother. I am saying that my family is being pulled in the same direction and we are able to stand together in a whole other way than other families outside of church do. Since we all feel the same way about family and have the same values and rules to follow we have that to give us peace and relief in the troubling times. I have never really felt that I am different from anyone outside of church. Of course there are things that make us different: we don't curse, we have guidelines for our clothing and we do not drink alchohol or smoke, but these are things I have had in my entire life. People have never really mentioned anything else than good things about my values. My values keeps me going and they make me feel good. Being a mormon is great! Show more Show less