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Hi I'm Randy Lewis

I grew up in Pacifica, California. I am a Professor of Chemical Engineering. I am married and a father of nine. I'm a Mormon

About Me

I grew up in California and loved playing basketball and tennis. I am happily married and enjoy being with my nine children. They are the joy of my life. Since graduating from college, I have worked as a professor of chemical engineering. I have recently been involved in global humanitarian work where I engage engineering students in developing and implementing projects. I have worked directly with communities in Peru on projects such as water heating, water purification, water transport, and cooking. In addition, I have been involved in biomedical and biochemical engineering research in the fields of artificial organs, biomaterials, and biofuels. In my spare time, I love remodeling and building with my wife. Together, we have built three additions on homes and have remodeled kitchens, bathrooms, and other rooms in the house. The time I have spent with my wife on these projects has brought treasure moments. We have now been married 25 years. Although we have had trials in life such as my wife's sister dying in childbirth, my father unexpectedly dying, and personally having a heart attack at the young age of 48, my faith in Jesus Christ has provided peace and happiness. This peace and happiness is my greatest blessing since we will always have trials and tribulations.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I love God and my Savior Jesus Christ. It is through God's love for us that he gave his Son Jesus Christ to provide the great atonement for mankind. Through the atonement we have the privilege of being both forgiven for our sins and becoming a more Christlike person. I firmly believe that Jesus Christ has established a single church on the earth where we have living prophets and apostles that continually receive direct revelation to guide us on our path to live with God and Jesus Christ again. I am also a Mormon because within the church is the power of the priesthood where we can make covenants with God. One may ask how someone like me, trained in the sciences at a prestigious university in the United States, could believe in a religion that believes in current prophets, continuing revelation, visitations of angels, new scripture in the Book of Mormon, opportunities for families to be together after this life, strict moral codes, etc. The answer is that I have had a personal witness of the truth of these things by the Holy Ghost which is stronger evidence for me than any secular training that I have ever had. Yes, I do understand the importance of hypothesis testing, experimentation, and seeking evidence but there is a higher nature of this process than the secular view. A children of a loving Heavenly Father, we are all invited to test the hypothesis that God has, through his Son Jesus Christ, restored a church again upon the earth that provides truths, doctrines, and covenants that enable us to go through this life with faith and commitment to living His ways and not man's ways. The confirmation by the Holy Ghost is God's way of confirming truth. Physical evidence is man's way of confirming truth. The problem with physical evidence is that we don't see the entire picture since all things are created both physically AND spiritually-- and the spiritual evidence is more lasting.

How I live my faith

I love my family and love to spend time with them. Strengthening the family unit is part of my faith. This is why we focus on eating dinner together every night, praying and reading from the Book of Mormon daily as a family, going to church together each Sunday, and supporting each other in school activities. We love to spend time together on family vacations and have nearly visited every state in the United States. I personally spend time pondering and reading the scriptures to give me hope, strengthen my faith, and to teach me how to serve others. Just as important, I continually strive to repent of my sins and weaknesses to become a better person. I have had the privilege of serving as a leader of a congregation, a leader of youth, and a leader of a priesthood organization. I have also served in non-leadership positions. Although leadership is enjoyable, we all can be contributors no matter how or where we serve. We should never underestimate our value or potential because of a lack of a position. I have realized that we all have the calling to serve mankind and that a title or position is not what is important. I have really enjoyed serving the youth and helping them see their value as a child of God. I have spent numerous nights camping with young men where many opportunities have led to spiritual growth for all involved. It is in these unplanned moments where sacred experiences occur. It is in such moments that you recognize that God loves you. In my profession, I have sought to let others see my commitment to my faith in Jesus Christ and the doctrines taught in the LDS church by my example. It has been a privilege to discuss aspects of my LDS faith with colleagues. In summary, living my faith is exactly that-- living and not pretending. It is living our covenants whether people are watching. It is living our covenants on a daily basis and not just on Sunday. It is living how Christ wants us to live!