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Hi I'm Shirley Jo

I am a city girl that loves the country! I enjoy gardening, animals, hiking, sewing, cooking and scrap booking. I'm a Mormon

About Me

My family was pretty dysfunctional; I have 5 brothers who have all been to prison. I also have 4 sisters and life has not been easy for us. Alcoholism is such a dreadful disease and it touched every part of our lives. I married young and still had a lot of growing up to do. We had a child and motherhood was a great learning experience for me. After 10 years of marriage we were divorced. Our daughter was 4 years old at the time and I was heartbroken. I wanted to make certain that she had a happy childhood. This was not an easy task because I had no idea how to have a healthy relationship with her or anyone! I was trying my hardest and around this time I had a very spiritual experiences that made me realize that there is a God and that he was helping us! I feel so lucky to have been born into this Church because when it came time to decide which religion to attend I remembered the things that I had learned from my mother. She had done her best to teach us what little she could and I had always wanted it to be true. My spirit longed for something, and as I sat front and center listening to people’s testimonies my heart began to soften. I cried a lot. I read from the book of Mormon and the bible. A great change came over me. I had some repenting to do and although my flesh was weak my spirit was willing. I didn't love myself but I loved my daughter, and I knew that she needed me to be better.

Why I am a Mormon

I know that many religions have lots of truth. God gives a potion of His word to all men. I have found out for myself that the book of Mormon is true. Not only is it true, but it is plain and simple to understand. The teachings inside this book have healed my broken heart and also healed my spirit. The word "gospel" translated from Greek means GOOD NEWS. The good news is that God is wise, understanding, loving and perfect. Joseph Smith's honest desire for truth has brought us the Book of Mormon and I am so happy to share this news with the world! After all that God has done for me, I owe it to Him to keep His commandments and strive to be better every day. I used to think that we were put here on this Earth to suffer, I now know "Adam fell that men might be, and men are that they might have joy" This scripture is in the book of Mormon and it is music to my soul.

How I live my faith

I continue to go to church and I see the light of Christ in people’s faces and hear God speaking through them. I am always amazed at the peace that has come over me. I feel that God loves me so much (even when I couldn't love myself) I learned right away that I am special because I am a daughter of God. I remember singing the hymn called sisters in Zion. It made me feel like I had a purpose here, as if I was a lamb that had been living with lions and now I was home. Much time has passed and my sweet daughter is now 15 years old. I have remarried a wonderful man that treats me and my daughter better than I could have ever imagined. We all have a deep love for spiritual things (church meetings, temple worship, serving those in need,and sharing the gospel). We pray together, read the scriptures as a family and try to help each other through all the daily struggles of life.