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Hi I'm Michael Aaron Piñate

I'm an adventurer, amazing cook, and aspiring SOCOM warrior. I am a Mormon.

About Me

Alright, here goes: I want to study and double major in Aerospace Engineering and Physics; starting off at Miami-Dade College, then Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, AZ, then graduate studies at the University of Maryland - College Park. I will also be entering into the United States Army Reserve as a 68W "Medic", and transition to SOCOM as an officer. In addition, I also endeavor to be a successful entrepreneur, including the corporation that will build the spacecraft that will make Star Trek, Star Wars and Firefly a reality ( Space, the final frontier). Hobbies include, but not limited to: seeking adventure, soccer, mountaineering, rock climbing and rappelling, marksmanship sports, whitewater rafting and kayaking, etc. I enjoy reading and writing, namely Hemingway and Tolstoy, and poetry and short essays. I am an Eagle Scout, class of 2013 from Troops 941 and 262 of Hurricane District, as is my brother. In High School I díd football, wrestling, cross-country and track & field, as well as my school's Engineering Magnet, Athletic Trainer group, and 3 years Army JROTC in which I participated on the Drill and Bushmaster teams and on the Color Guard Unit. In addition, I held several leadership positions and achieved the rank of C/ First Sergeant and later C/ First Lieutenant. I was born and raised in Florida, and am finishing my Mission in the Washington Vancouver Mission.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the Church, baptized when I was 8 years of age and ordained an Aaronic Priesthood holder when I was 12. However, through my particular circumstances and experiences I began to have doubts, not doubts about the truth, but rather about me; for awhile I was rebellious, which led me to a few addictive sins, and thus I became somewhat less-active; I still participated and had a desire to believe whole-heartedly, but I just didn't feel a connection. I truly did not feel like I could be forgiven for what I had been doing; I would pray for forgiveness, but later on would get snared into the same sins, so I lost hope. I felt that by doing all those prayers for forgiveness, that I was mocking God, by being a hypocrite. As ludicrous as it sounds, I was at one point accepting the fact that I was "damned.'' At one point, I had to gain that firmly founded testimony: How far will God's love reach? When I was 16, I prayed, I prayed hard and powerfully, absolutely desperate for change from the bitter cold being I had become through sin. At the conclusion I felt a discernable peace, a hope. Ever since that moment, despite my imperfections, my testimony has become stronger and honed over the years to now, that I have no doubts. I have also witnessed for myself, the incessant blessings of my God that have further been a testimony to me. The major facet of my testimony, which enabled me to know that God exists, was my parent's example of Tithing and Fast Offerings.

How I live my faith

In my local community, I am an Assistant Scoutmaster, who provides guidance and support to the youth in my scout troop. I am also a member of the Order of the Arrow, the BSA's Honor Society/ Fraternity, which focuses on "selfless service." In relevance to my service in Church, prior to my beginning a mission, I was the Executive Secretary in my YSA ( Young Single Adult ) Branch. I also did what is known as hometeaching, where I would visit with a member of the church and share with them a lesson, and fellowship with them to help them with their needs. I love to do service projects with the local Scout troops, especially those where there are young scouts who are looking for examples to follow.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

Michael Aaron Piñate
To whomever is reading this, I know that God exists, even though I have not seen Him or borne his countenance before mine eyes. However, I have seen the beauties of the natural world, and witnessed the mysteries therein. I have seen the infinitely endless plenty of stars in the heavens of space, and the vast worlds and galaxies within. Without getting into much spiritual doctrine, that is my testament of His existence. NOW, in continuation, ergo, further testimony, I have witnessed for myself the endless bounties of a greater being, through the manifestation and accepting of blessings in my life: strong, loving family; amazing Woman waiting for me; weaknesses that have morphed into strengths and strengths that have been forged into talents; through my refining from the person I was before this moment to now, from the time that I sought guidance to this time, I have no bearing of doubt in my heart and mind that God exists, that He has a plan for each of us to return unto Him. To whomever reads this, my testimony of these things, read these words from the Book of Mormon (2 Nephi 33:10), and pray to know that God exists. Yes, it's that simple, nothing extravagant, pray to know. Kinda like a google for God, except it has no energy bill. Show more Show less

How can we stop the spread and influence of pornography?

Michael Aaron Piñate
First, do not look at it. Second, suggest that others do not view it. Third, exercise your constitutionally-protected right to speak/ write to your representatives, both in the township, state and national levels to make it illegal. It is degrading, it is addictive, it is a most grievous sin; it desensitizes the mind, abolishes the Spirit and destroys both families and individuals. Place filters on your computers that restrict access to those sites , don't subscribe to those magazines, don't give in. Period. Show more Show less