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Hi I'm Sharon Green Gregory

I grew up an Air Force Brat. I became an RN in 1989 and was sealed to my a husband in 1991. We have seven children.

About Me

I enjoy cooking from scratch. In my mid-teens, my grandma declared that I had a "pie thumb". Children will pay my kids for my homemade chocolate chip cookies that they pack in their school lunches. My neighbors look forward to my delicious cinnamon rolls at Christmas. I do not have a green thumb but I love nursing people and dogs back to health. Dancing and skiing make me feel 20 years younger. Reading has brought me great solace throughout my life. Living and traveling abroad brings me great joy as I see how wonderful people are all around the world. Eating ethnic food is another side benefit of travel. In my opinion, the best souvenirs are new recipes, folk music and snapshots. Depression and anxiety have knocked at my door but have not gotten the better of me thanks to the love of family, friends and the gospel. I am grateful for all the mountains that God has given me to climb.

Why I am a Mormon

I am not one of those amazing Mormons that you will watch on Mormon.org. or see in the soon to be released, "Meet the Mormons". I am a huge fan of both by the way. Truly, I am completely average and if I were not already in the church, I might feel a bit intimidated to join. But I go to church each week and meet people just like myself yet of all ages, various backgrounds, races and cultures. We have so much more in common than not. There is unity of faith and joy in fellowship and service. We strengthen in each other strive to meet each other's needs. Through this service, I have been able to know wonderful people in and out of the church that inspire me and make me want to be better. Throughout my life, I have enjoyed the light of the gospel. My father was a man who was always ready to bless me with his priesthood power. When I was trying to recover from a concussion that impaired my vision temporarily, it was his blessing that I urgently sought, knowing I would be able to recover sooner through this very real power on Earth. My father worked hard to support our family of seven. He taught us that the best way to love your children is to love your spouse. He did just that. He filled up my Mom's love bucket in many ways just like my husband does now for me. They both used/use their Priesthood to bless lives around them, not their own. They exercise their power in the most humble and Christ-like ways. My mother, was the first to receive her college degree in her family on both sides. She chose to stay at home with her children. She was always there to listen, comfort, encourage, help, nurture and nourish. She made the best whole wheat rolls from wheat that she had freshly ground. We got some and we also got to deliver some to our lucky neighbors. Bottom line: Our church makes it possible for families to be together forever. I want that!!!

How I live my faith

My earliest memories are of Uxbridge, England and accompanying my mother to visit and administer to English women of the church. Their spiritual witnesses and selfless service made a powerful impression on my young mind. Being an Air Force Brat, I have travelled a lot. The Church was always there to ease the transition and meet the needs of my family and myself. I learned as a teenager in Kaiserslautern, Germany that prayer and the Holy Scriptures are the way to navigate through the difficulties of life. In the late 70's, my eldest brother, a recent returned missionary, inspired me to daily read the Book of Mormon with my family and by myself. It brought peace and hope into my life and gave me something to cling to when anxiety and depression surrounded me throughout my teenage years. Ether 12:27 was especially comforting to me. The happiest, most fulfilling time of my young life was not college where I received my BSN, but by serving as a full time missionary for the church in Zurich and also the then DDR (East Germany). I loved telling people about how God loves them and what our purpose in life is. People would tell me that they felt great peace during our discussions which was rare for them in their usual lives. I was sealed to my Eternal Companion (husband) over 20 years ago in a solemn ceremony in the Salt Lake Temple. I cried for joy. Having a family is the best school to go to learn about Charity and many other virtues. Being a Mother is a huge privilege. Now, I get to teach preschool and elementary aged children through music and word about God's plan of happiness. My own children have a chance to learn from us each Monday evening during Family Home Evening(FHE). We start off with our traditional song, "This is the Night We Have Waited For" and then "The More We Get Together". We have a spiritual lesson. We do a fun activity or game. As the first song promises, "always a treat we have in store". Tonight, it will be Apple Crisp.