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Hi I'm Marisa

I've grown up everywhere between California, USA and Siberia. I'm a violinist, linguist, dancer, and instructor. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a passionate Linguist, and traveler. I'm working on my 11th language, and intend to learn so many more! I instruct Latin dance and Zumba while being a full-time student and part-time employee in undergraduate college. I love to be active, and social. Life as an independent can be so much fun!

Why I am a Mormon

I have traveled all over the world, seen nearly every country in the Northern hemisphere, and learned many languages. In every culture, in every venue, in every circumstance, the Mormon church is the same. It's stunning, really. I traveled from the US to England, and went to church there. I went from there to France, and then to Russia, all the same. They were even on the very next lesson from the one I'd been to the week before. The lessons were working with the same order, the huge smiles were the same, and the happy, family/community centered people were all had the same good intentions. The Mormon church is a place where, all over the world, complete strangers treat you like family members. It really is like having an extended family-world-wide!

How I live my faith

There is nothing you can't do when you're living it healthy. Everyone loves to have an extra smile in their day, or a little extra energy. As a dance instructor, I get so see a lot of people who have a great time having fun, and taking care or their bodies. The people I teach actually teach me a lot through their enthusiasm and love of a good time. In the Church, I have been called plenty of times to be a sunday-school teacher. As usual, I learned more from teaching than from being taught. All the lessons carry stories that are meant to teach better care of mind, body, and spirit. Everything is a healthy balance. I have never seen a commandment from the scriptures and lessons that wasn't designed purely to give long-term health and happiness.

How can I know Mormonism is true?

If you are searching for what is true, then you must already have a good relationship, or want to have a good relationship with our Heavenly Father. What we invite you do do, is to have something that will build that wonderful relationship even higher. 1. Watch me. Watching us and how happy we are in that progress is another testament to the closeness to the Savior that can be felt in the special, reverent experiences we try to share with everyone. We really are here to take care of each other. 2. No fear! If you have questions, why not ask? Chances are, we've probably had the same questions before, too. We love questions! Ask away! (Personally, I really love it when someone comes up with a new question to ask me, especially if I don't know the answer. It means I get to go find something new! One of the things I love about the Church is not only how simple it is, but on top of that, there's always more to learn if you want it.) 3. Pray. Ask the Lord. There is no principle that He expects us to accept blindly, or even solely from worldly sources. The best person to ask if someone if something is true or not is our Heavenly Father. Show more Show less

Why are only some Mormons allowed into temples? Is there something secret going on in Mormon temples? What goes on in Mormon temples?

I just went through the temple my first couple of times. Let me tell you first hand, it's not strange, or even secret. It's just not publicized because we really want something very dear to us (the promises we make with god) to stay sacred and not overused, mocked, degraded, or subjected to all the scorn of the world. So, what do we do in the temple? We pray. We make promises with God-like being willing to follow the commandments in the scriptures, to be spiritually clean, to treat others with the respect the Lord would want the children he loves to have. We make promises to live in a clean way. We hold on to those promises. A promise, in this world, really doesn't hold the meaning that it did in scriptural times. We want it to. We're totally not perfect, (I know I'm not) but we want to be someday. We want to have the kind of perfect kindness, perfect charity, perfect selflessness, and perfect ability to treat others how they should be treated-just like Christ once did. Also, inside the temple, we learn more about why we're here (nothing that isn't already available to learn in the scriptures) and where we're going, the Lord's plan for us, and what we can do to help that plan. The Mormon church is all about happiness, healthiness, and family. It is inside the temple that families are sealed. It's a special place to go, when you have done all that you can, up to a certain standard, to be clean. Then, you go to that special place to make promises you fully intend to keep. Show more Show less