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Hi I'm Sadie

I'm a cupcake creator, Iowa corn lover, singer, student, conductor, collegiate cross country runner, truth seeker and Mormon.

About Me

When I was younger, if I found one thing that clicked with me I would cling to it and make it my own. The Christmas I learned that I could turn a piece of paper into a homemade snowflake quickly transformed my house into a winter wonderland, covered head to toe in decorative papers all the way into spring. Today, parts of that dorky and obsessed little kid still linger with me as I soon enter my twenties. I have a few key things that make up most of my life: music, education, seeking for truth, running, loving others, and strength training. These aspects of my life have shaped me. I am an assistant to a sweet southern wedding and event cake decorator. I attended Southern Virginia University where I studied music education and ran for the cross country team. I am constantly searching for truth, whether if it is my own religion, others' religions, studying history or going for a run to take in the world around me.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was a freshman in high school my life seemed to be taken over by rules, events, and time taken up by the church. I was expected to go to seminary at 6 AM to study the scriptures, go to three hours of church and follow a list of commandments that often seemed overwhelming and too hard. I constantly saw my weakness as a member of the Church. I needed to decide for myself if all of the things that come along with "being Mormon" was worth it. I needed a stronger testimony that this was the right path for me. So what I did was simple: I spent one week studying the Book of Mormon with all my heart and wrote down my feelings throughout the week, and another week where I didn't read the Book of Mormon and then wrote down my feelings. The difference was outstanding! My life was filled with peace, knowledge, love for others, and openness. The other week was not horrible, but not filled with pure joy. That week without the scriptures I found myself more frustrated and caught up in my own problems. This result gave me the personal conclusion that the Book of Mormon is divine. Why else would a little book bring me all these things? Because of this realization for myself that the Book of Mormon taught the truth, everything else that comes from living a Mormon life because an opportunity rather than a burden. Early morning seminary became a precious time to study and open my heart to the words of Heavenly Father rather that

How I live my faith

Everything I have ever learned from my Heavenly Father is how to love and how much we are loved. Every time I read the account of the Savior, particularly in the New Testament and Book of Mormon, I am completely overwhelmed by this love. I am overwhelmed and overjoyed to know that we are so loved by our divine creator (Heavenly Father) that he sent us his son to teach us how to love, perform loving miracles, take upon himself every pain and sin so we can come closer to His love, and ultimately gave up his life purely so we can have the chance to one day be with our Heavenly Father and families. What greater love is there than knowing that whatever we have done or will do we have a Father in heaven how is actively there, ready to fill our lives with His grace? Because of this, the way I live my faith all comes back to love. Because He loves me, the least I can do is strive to love others. This love that I strive to have touches every aspect of my life and has brought me joy that I did not know was possible to reach. Every commandment (Heavenly Father's "life directions"), callings within the church, runs around beautiful parts of the world, moments spent mourning and weeping with others suffering, time spent visiting teaching, singing in a choir, or smile at someone in the grocery store comes back to the foundation and knowledge I have of the love that my Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ have for me. Living my faith sometimes feels like a lot, but when I look back I see the joy, growth and experiences that I could have never had without the knowledge I have of the truthfulness and reality of my Heavenly Father, my Savior Jesus Christ, the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and the Prophet.