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Hi I'm Livingstone Quarshie

I'm a Mormon from Ghana. I grew up n Ghana and I am a child of record

About Me

My name us Livingstone and am currently serving a full time mission in Ghana Accra Mission. My parents were all my members of the Church. I have been taught a lot of good things since I was a child and I have grown up to learn more about the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know how the gospel has blessed me and mu friends. it has always been a great affectionate to share the gospel with others

Why I am a Mormon

I was born in the Church as a child of record. I was taught in my youth good principles that I can use to govern myself always. When I was growing up I did nor understand a lot of tings I was being taught but we were always encouraged to pray and ask God to help us understand. I have now got to understand a lot of the things that I was taught. I went through all my seminay lessons and that helped me a lot. I will never forget how I felt each morning in seminary class before I went to school. My seminary teacher is perhaps the most important teacher in my life. I loved going for seminay each day and that is what has made my life today. All my seminay have served mission and some of us are now also serving mission. I also attended Institute and completed all the instiute of religion courses. My desire for continually studying and learning more about God and Jesus Christ is for me to one day become like my Father in Heaven and always be as goos as His son Jesus Christ. I am so blessed for being part of this restored gospe. It has chenged my life, helped me in my eductaion, deepened my knowledged about God and it has lifted me up to another level of thinking. As learn about the rsteord gospel, I put them into practice and that is what strengthens my faith each day. I lived with my family and enjoyed the gospel in my life. Transgressions? Yes i ahve made some wrong decisions in my life and some of that were things that really made me sad. i was sad beacuse of hoe I feel I am disobedient to my Father in Heaven. But what always keeps me moving is the peace and repentace I get through the Atonement of our Lord Jesus Christ. I repent of my sins when I do what is wrong and I again feel the love of the savior, and after that I strive hard not to repeat the same bad things.

How I live my faith

My faith as a Mormon grows each day as prepare myself to help others around me to be happy. I have had the chance to teach the youth some good things from the 'Come Follow me ' manuel. I play the piano for my ward and it always makes it an inspirinf moment to sing Hymns at Church. I always take part in all African service project and I enjoy it very well. I have also served as a first councilor to the Young Men in my ward. That gave me an opportunity ao associate and learna lot of good things from these effective young men in my ward. They work so hard to be better people and am glad to be part of such a wonderful work. I have come to know how improtant it is to teach children in the home and help tyhem become great people. The ypung men are within the ages of 12-19 and they have a lot of good experiences that they share with their friends when they go out. Another good thing I learend was when I was called to be a secretary to the leaders for our sunday school lessons. I had the chance to learn some important truth from the Doctrines and Principles that we taught each day during sunday school. People gave wonderful contributions and experiencea that were worth listening.

What is the Book of Mormon?

Livingstone Quarshie
The Book of Moron is another Testament of Jesus Christ and it talks about God and His works. The Book of is sometimes compared to the Bibles but it contains more truth and is important messages than the Bible. It is a record about the ancient inhabitant of the Americans but the message conatined in it is for all the children of God. The Book fo Mormon does not condemn the Bible but it adds more truth to the Bibles and throws more light on the teachings from the Bibles. It is the only Book that can answers the questions of the soul. it enumerate the steps we can follow to go back to God. It is the only Book that was written by different Prophet and was translated by a Holy Prophet. To us Mormons, the Book of Mormon is the Keystone of our religion. Take the book of Mormon away, what are we them?, nothing but wanderers on the earth. Show more Show less