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Hi I'm Sterling W. Thomas

I was a teacher, business manager and lucky Dad of 6. I lived in TX, UT, OR, OH, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and I'm A Mormon.

About Me

I like personal relationships that are not fleeting or superficial. Good friendships are a marvelous seasoning for a quality life. I like music that is uplifting and allows my spirit to soar with its beauty and power. I like to travel (50 states, 21 countries so far). I like living in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and the USA. I love being a son, husband, father (6) and grandfather (22). I love teaching subjects for which I have a personal passion (principles of true Christianity, German, personal money management, English as a second language, real estate principles). I like bird identification excursions. I like riding my bike around the areas within 50 miles of my home. Although my heart was strongly drawn to the teaching profession and I did indeed teach on the college level for a few years, unusual circumstances eventually led my feet down a path of credit-, financial-, risk- and mortgage management that I also grew to love dearly. Some of my teaching urges found new outlets when I became President of the Utah Institute of Financial Education and later a Licensed Real Estate Instructor for the State of Utah. I am now happily retired, still involved with most of the enjoyable activities mentioned above and am so grateful to enjoy the opportunities and challenges of life.

Why I am a Mormon

Because I grew up with the name of THOMAS, I felt it was my duty to doubt almost everything. As a teenager I began to ponder such questions as: What is the purpose of life? What was I supposed to accomplish here on earth? Because my family were already associated with the LDS (Mormon) faith, I had heard their answers to these questions. But my doubting nature questioned whether or not the things I had heard were really true. I sincerely searched for the truth and became aware of God's promise in James 1:5 about "anyone lacking wisdom should ask of God". So I began asking God to help me recognize the true pathway to Him. My search led me to visit and study the Catholic church and several Protestant churches. I also studied major world religions. As I continued to study and pray, I became concerned because I wasn't recognizing any sort of answer to my prayers from "an outside source" that was not just my own thoughts and logic. My studies eventually included reading the entire Bible, biblical and early Christian histories, the Book of Mormon, and Dr. James Talmage's two very scholarly works: "Jesus the Christ" and "Articles of Faith". When my search was in its 7th year, a man happened to tell me with real vehemence that the modern-day LDS prophet, Joseph Smith, was a total fraud. I went home that night and in my prayer asked God if that allegation were true. My conscience immediately responded with a very noticeable: "No!" I was surprised, but pleased to be getting information from a source over which I had no conscious control. I knew by that stage of my life the distinct feeling of my conscience and I knew that I could not turn it on or off at will. I decided to also ask if the Book of Mormon were a fraud. Again the very strong negative response from my conscience. My heart began to rejoice. I was actually getting answers from what I considered a reliable source that couldn't be influenced by me or the world.

How I live my faith

To me being a follower of Christ is more than a verbal profession of acceptance or belief. It means being actively involved in serving, lifting, teaching, and exemplifying each day. This philosophy of life has led to many opportunities, responsibilities and joys. I was a missionary for the church for 30 months in West Germany, for 7 years in South Salt Lake City, UT, and for 2 years with my wife in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. I have been an executive secretary to 5 bishops, a clerk, a Stake Sunday School president, a counselor to 2 church unit supervisors (Bishops), taught children, youth and adult groups, nursery leader with my wife, and family history supervisor. My heart found great joy in my involvement with these various responsibilities. Working with wonderful people, occasionally lifting weary hands, sharing truths and insights that life has taught me, and learning to do things I wasn't sure I could handle all expanded my own horizons while enabling me to draw closer to the literal Father of my soul. In the process of all that, I had occasions where I really felt God's love and presence in my life. That was especially true in very difficult times when my basic faith was being tested. Because of that and my many specific prayers that have been answered in manners both simple and wondrous, I have come to know most assuredly that there is a God and that He, though in charge of the entire universe, knows me personally and pays close attention to my needs and even sometimes to my secret wishes. I marvel that He loved me and all mankind enough to send His Son, Jesus Christ to the earth to experience life, to teach, to exemplify and to ultimately offer His life for me that I might exercise faith, repent, and receive forgiveness of my sins while here. But in order for that gift to be fully appreciated and utilized, there needed to be an additional gift - a literal resurrection that will yet bless me and all humans after we die.