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Hi I'm Nate

I am a true bass singer. I've ran a 4:33 mile. I am a Californian. I am a student at BYU. And, I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My name is Nate. I was born on the East Coast, but when I was 8 my family moved us to Northern California. I graduated high school class of 2014. There I participated in both athletic and musical activities, which was fairly unusual for my high school. However, I was able to balance choir, cross country, and track all four years. My athletic highlights of high school include running in the California state meet for cross country and running a mile time of 4:33 a month before I graduated. My musical highlights include becoming a Madrigal singer and going to the Golden State Choir Competition my senior year with the A Capella Choir. A couple of events occurred in my final semester of high school that would change my life. First, I was accepted into BYU, which was an amazing blessing. I also received my mission call to the Dallas Texas Spanish Speaking Mission, which was also a tremendous blessing. After I graduated high school I attended BYU for the summer mostly to prepare myself for my mission which was to come only months later. On September 30th, 2014, I left for the México Missionary Training Center to begin my two year mission. I hope to become a Doctor or a Dentist one day.

Why I am a Mormon

Although I was born in this church, it hasn't always been my first priority. Since I was little I would always see my friends singing "I Hope They Call Me on a Mission", and I just wasn't like that. I felt that the church was good, but I didn't understand why I was a part of the church. My first two years of high school I pretty much put my faith in the backseat, and focused on friends and extracurriculars. Those first two years of high school were tough. It wasn't until before my Junior year that I really started asking myself "Alright, why am I a part of this church?" I finally really started pondering and praying to know if this was true. that was when I really started to build my own testimony of the church. Junior year was much better, and that was because I really tried to put church first. The summer before my Senior year I attended basically a church youth camp at BYU called EFY. That was the icebreaker. Thats when I knew that this was were I was supposed to be. My senior year, although it was tough at times, turned out really great. I know that by putting church first that year I was able to make it though tough times and enjoy the best parts of my final year of high school. Now, I am just like those kids who I grew up with, serving a mission. I know that this is the true church. I can never deny what I have felt when I am really in tune with this church. I think that when someone stops asking "Why me? What is my purpose? Who am I? What is this church? Is it any good?" and just listens quietly, they will feel something. It's just a matter of open-mindedness. If your mind is a flurry of present concerns and stresses, you won't feel anything, just like me my first two years of high school. When you open your mind, and really ask "Is this really the true church?" Thats when you receive your answer. That is why I am a member of this church. I was just quiet enough to listen for the answer.

How I live my faith

I was born into this church, so pretty much from since I was a child I have been participating in church organized events. Over the years I have found that associating with and being with members of your specific church (ward) has fostered some of the best experiences of my life. I have been the main advisor for a small part of the boys my age in the past, and I know that we all strive to live the best lives we can and show that as much as we can at school, work, extracurriculars, etc. People notice that you are a Mormon when you do that. I have had several people say "Oh yeah I know, you're a Mormon" without me even telling them. I know that from serving others and trying to live the best example I could my friends and I have been labeled as "Mormons", and that a good thing to us.