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Hi I'm Tina

I am a wife, mother, and granny, lover of life, adventure, and learning, and I'm a Mormon

About Me

I was born in a small town to a relatively poor family. Because of that and because I struggled in school, I never thought that my life would be special. I married young, which did not turn out well, because I didn't have enough life experience to make a good choice in marriage. As a single mother I struggled to earn enough money to meet the needs of my two little girls. However, it was a time of tremendous spiritual growth as I learned to trust in my Heavenly Father through obedience to His commandments and the counsel of my priesthood leaders. My life was richly blessed and the three of us were very happy, even in the face of our trials. The blessings were multiplied when I was able to marry a truly good man, and add his three children to my life. Because of his desire to provide for his family spirituality and emotionally, as well as temporally, my husband encouraged me to pursue a college education so that I could stretch myself and find my strengths and talents. After I had completed my bachelor's degree, my husband and I were able to live in China for a year where we both taught English in a university in Shanghai. Living abroad and using my education to enrich the lives of others was a wonderful life changing event. Since that time we have also lived in Mozambique, Africa as missionaries and will soon be going to serve in the Santa Maria Brazil mission. My simple beginnings in life have not held me back from having great adventures.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the church and have been a member all of my life. However, I was feeling very discourage when my life did not turn out the way I had hoped. I felt that I had always done the things that I had been taught in Sunday school, and yet I was alone with two small children, no education, and little hope. While reading in the Pearl of Great Price one day I read Joesph Smith's history where he said that he could not deny the things he knew to be true or he would offend God. I knew that I was in the same situation, and could not deny that I knew God lived and had a plan for His children. I realized that even though I was active in the church and attended every Sunday, I was not active in the Gospel the other six days of the week. I knew that I needed to be more than just a Mormon, I needed to be a Latter-day Saint. I began to read from the Book of Mormon daily, and to pray to my Father in Heaven daily, both in my own personal communication with Him as well as with my children. My financial struggles did not immediately improve, but I felt more peace in my life as I worked to be more obedient to the principles of the Gospel. As the years have past, I have seen many wonderful blessing of Gospel living in my life and the lives of my children.

How I live my faith

Living the principles that I know to be be true is very important to me. One of those principles is to serve as Jesus served while he was here on earth. For much of my adult life I have been able to work with different youth groups. As a cub scout leader, I worked with boys ages 10 and 11-years-old. I enjoyed the opportunity to teach them skills like cooking in a dutch oven, and walking on can stilts. I have also been able to teach the youth both as an instructor and through music. One youth class I tough had a young man with turrets syndrome. It was important to me that this young man feel equally loved and valued in the class. This was a challenge because if he started talking he was not able to self-regulate and would continue to talk throughout the class time. I did not want to embarrass him, but I also needed to consider the needs of the others in the class. To resolve the problem we had a class discussion where the young man was able to explain his condition to the others, and together we worked out a way where he could contribute to the class. We decided that he would always sit in a chair directly in front of me, so that if he ever last control, I could tap him on the knee with my shoe. One day I came to class wearing high heeled shoes. The moment he saw my shoes he exclaimed to the whole class, "I'm going to be very good today". Being able to live my faith by serving missions has been very important to me. While serving a mission in Mozambique and Angola in Africa, I realized that I was not grasping the needed Portuguese language skills. Through a simple test I discovered that I am dyslexic, and became discouraged that I may never be able to learn the language. However through diligent work and exercising faith I have been able to overcome my learning disability well enough to share my love of the gospel with those choice children of our Heavenly Father in Africa.