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Hi I'm Louven Misalucha

I love our Savior Jesus Christ & He loves me too. I have an amazing family and I know we'll be together forever. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love to sing and dance- singing in choir or dance at a Zumba class! I also enjoy drawing, painting, cooking, and hiking! I love nature. I find peace and joy when I'm surrounded with tall trees, where I can hear the rustling of leaves as the wind rushes by, the rain on my face, or the trickling of water from a creek, and the thunderous roar from the waves in the sea. I just feel our Saviors love with all his creation. I enjoy learning different cultures. Ever since I was a kid I've always loved the Japanese culture. I loved their food from traditional sukiyaki to sushi. I love the design of their Kimono and their national flower, Sakura, also known as Cherry blossoms. I also love to learn the language so I took two semesters of that in high school and one semester in college. It's amazing that I get to learn their manners in the way they speak or communicate. Me and my family are used to moving a lot. I was born and raised in the Philippines till I turned thirteen we moved here in the United States of America. I've lived here for 11 years and so grateful to still be able to speak my native tongue. I've also served on a full-time 18 month mission in the Philippines Quezon City North Mission. It has been a blessing to know more of the culture, grow spiritually stronger, and gain more confidence. I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ blesses families.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents got converted to the church when they were just dating. They got married in the church so I was born into the Church and I decided to be baptized at the age of 10 years old I believe. I don't remember much as to why I was 10 and not 8 years but what matters is that I decided to. I remember enjoying being in primary and just being a kid--knowing I am a daughter of our Heavenly Father and it's not just me, everyone is a child of God we just have to remember through faith that you are. I believe my conversion story is when I was 21 years old. It was the first time I ever had a real date and a first boyfriend-- okay this may seem cheesy but hear me out. After 6 months of dating I prayed ever so sincerely as to what my next step should be. Then I opened my scriptures and got to a random page then when I was reading that certain verse I started to cry because at that very moment I could not deny what I felt and what I've heard. "You have to break up with him." It was a still small voice like a whisper, then I asked again, it was the same answer, then third time, "You have to break up with him." That answer burned within my bosom that I surely can not deny what answer I've received and I knew it was the Holy Ghost speaking to me. During the time we dated I felt like reading the scriptures more and desiring to communicate with heavenly father more and that I wanted my ex to know the joy I find in the gospel. I wanted him so much to feel our Saviors love for him and how much blessings he can receive as long as he is open to them. I was confused why I had to break up with him because in the back of my mind I was thinking that the longer we could be together the more time I can share gospel, but the Lord has a different plan for me and that of course 2 years had passed from those events and now I will be serving a mission very soon. I guess this is the path I am to take.

How I live my faith

With every day of my life I choose my path in the way I always have God to be first. In every decision I start with a prayer to first give thanks unto the Lord whole heartedly and talk whether it be about school, moving to new places, dating someone, preparing for this, or getting ready for that, visiting new people- everything. I need to speak to him with a humble heart because I am in the presence of a great Eternal Being and also knowing that he is our Heavenly Father I know he is there to listen always. Prayers are strong. Back in my family ward I used to have a calling as an assistant music conductor for the Primary kids. In this calling I get to teach primary songs to children by making it fun to keep their attention. I loved this calling and usually I'm the one to substitute when the main Primary music teacher is absent. I really wanted to make it fun and creative for the kids to learn the songs for their small performance and one time I just couldn't think of anything new and I always want to have it different every Sunday. So finally a couple of days before that Sunday I sat down to pray and told Heavenly Father that I really love these kids and I want to give them the best fun music time ever! Then at that moment after I prayed ideas just flowed in my mind. I had these little boxes with paper cut-outs inside, I added cultural facts with a lot of visuals, and interactive ways for them to participate and learn. Then I decided it was time to join the Singles ward and my current calling is a Ward missionary- I am to visit those who are listed in the ward but are not coming or have not attended the ward yet. It is a good calling indeed especially since I'll be serving a mission soon. In this calling we try to visit the addresses in our ward roster and see if they still live there, if they're already married, or if they moved to a different state. No matter what we do, we always start with a prayer having the names in our thoughts of those we try to visit.