What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Michael

Automotive enthusiast, Music enthusiast, Outdoor enthusiast, Demolition junkie, Good Friend, Worst enemy, and Missionary.

About Me

I realize that when I first filled out my mormon.org profile that it was kinda boring like vanilla ice-cream. So here's my about me page Revamped. I live in Northern Idaho and enjoy being out-doors. Camping, shooting guns, Mountain Biking, taking ATVs for a spin, and Ice Fishing in the Winter. Other hobbys include working on Cars/Trucks, Building/Repairing/Driving R/C Cars, welding, and occasionally a day of playing Video Games. (Mainly in the winter waiting for the snow to build up for snowmobiling.) I'm a huge Need for Spped fan with a flare of FPS games on the side. As you might be getting the idea I'm a automotive enthusiast through and through. Even started building up my own Muscle Car. What else should I toss in this section? I got 1500 characters to use up. Built my own Gaming PC a few years ago now and since I don't game as much these days it has become a place to collect large amounts of Music, mainly Rock, with some Jazz, and a short (but growing) collection of Eletronic. I also started making videos and editing audio for some YouTube shorts of the hobbys (as listed above) that I'm interested in. But don't think that this is all about me. Many of the skills that I have developed have allowed me to leave my work bench and help people. I love doing service for others especially when its something that saves them time or their not able to do it them selves. All-in all, I'm that kind of guy that when life gives me lemons I make life take the lemons back and apologize.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm LDS for many reasons, Starting with how the church has provided me with tools to stay out of trouble. "How?," you might ask. The Church of Jesus Christ of Lattter-Day Saints is the vehicle for getting us closer to, not just our Savior Jesus Christ, but to help us build a relationship with God. Our Heavenly Father. Through the taching of true doctrine and principles, found here in Christ's Church, I have come to understand what God wants for me in this life and how I can find Joy even when life isn't going the way I want it to go. But this understanding hasn't come easy for me like it does for others. I have been born into a great LDS family with parents that have been sealed in the temple. They set a great example for me and have kept me on the right path. But in my low teens I felt like I was just going through the motions, and I was really good at going through the motions, So good that I thought I had a testimony but really didn't. I was still borrowing the light of others. It was when I was around 16-17 that I actually prayed about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. And thats when my testimony of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints really started to grow. Since then I have really started understanding that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has the fullness of Christ's Teachings and is the same church Jesus established with his apostles. I'm LDS because of continual revelation here in our day. Not just revelation from the Prophet to us, but personal revelation, the form of revelation that allows me to be guided by a loving Heavenly Father in all that I do. I love reading the Book of Mormon and seeing examples of what others did when faith building experiences were put in front of them. I love reading the Bible to read about Christ ad His life. Being LDS is a outward expression of my inner commitment to follow Jesus Christ's example and live my life so I can live with my family forever.

How I live my faith

Well, going around and shouting to the world that I'm LDS isn't my style so I try my best to live my faith by example. First by keeping my language clean, I've got'n more of a reaction out of not cussing then you would ever think. Ya something might slip when my hand gets smashed but thats just something that I'll repent for after the fact. The Lord understands each of our weaknesses. Living the Word of Wisdom has been another thing that people have noticed that is an example of my Faith in the commandments, where I live people really take notice when you don't smoke, use drugs, or drink. Or vote aginst the Pot shop building next to the High School. They think my life is vinalla ice-cream and borning but life is great with out those things in it. So why add them in? Another way for my to live my Faith is through service, I love how much emphasis the LDS Church puts on doing service. Not only does doing service make me feel good/make me feel like a better person, but I like to see other people smile when their day is made easier. Especially when the job is done right. I try to follow The Spirit during these times so I know exactly what I can to to help my fellow man. One of the most important things that I do is Keep the Sabbath-day Holy. I try to change the tone of things by listening to a different selection of music that helps me focus more on my Savior, I go to church, and do gospel related activites that I normally don't do the other 6 days of the week. Again, people notice this... Not because I want to be noticed but because its different then what the values of the World is trying to teach us about keeping the commandments. People can see that your keeping the commandments when your always in a good mood. Positive feelings always come to those who engage in righteousness aka the Gospel of Jesus Christ and other people take notice. And most the time we don't even have to verbally talk about about what we believe in. Thats why I live my Faith by example.

What is a ward/stake/branch?

Because of the large size of the body of Christ, (the followers of Christ,) the Church is broken down into smaller congregational units called "Wards" in effort to help us, Heavenly Father's Childeren, be ministered to personally. Wards, Stakes, and Branches are created by geographical boundaries. Their are several congregational Wards/Branches with in the boundries of the Stake unit. Because Christ's church has organization, each Ward has a bishop. The bishop's main duty is to look over the health/welfare of the Ward to ensure that each of Heavenly Father's chlderen are being ministered to and cared for. Congregational units refered to as "Branches" are smaller then Ward units but have the same basic role. Instead of having a Bishop, a Branch unit has a Branch President who, performs a similer role as like a bishop. The Stake also has unit leaders above the Bishops. Each stake has a Stake President, Councilors, and a High council of 12 Priesthood Brethren. They provide organization an instruction for bishops to better help us as Heavenly Fathers Spirit Children Come closer to Christ by living the Gospel. Ward boundary sizes are typically made up of a neighborhood area. While Stake boundaries can stretch across several cities. Branch boundaries are normally larger then ward boundaries but are no larger then the Stake boundaries. Even if your not a member you have a Bishop or Branch president that you can turn to for help or assistance in times of need. Show more Show less