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Hi I'm Alex S.

I grew up in Utah. I'm a convert to the church. I know the Gospel to be true. I know Christ is my Savior, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was converted to the church when I was 10, when two sister missionaries came to my house looking for referrals. I chose to be baptized shortly after that, not because my parents wanted that for me, but because I wanted it for myself. I knew, even at the age of 10, that the message they brought to our home was true. I've struggled from time to time with my faith, but I've always remained a firm believer of the Gospel and the Atonement. When I was 22, I chose to serve a full-time mission, and I was called to Melbourne, Australia. While I had a strong desire to serve my Heavenly Father, I came to the heartbreaking realization that I wasn't fit to serve. I was released with honor. From that point on, I had a difficult time accepting this. Even though my bishop, family, and friends all told me that my mission was complete and that I had done all I could, I felt empty and unfulfilled I needed to know for myself that what had happened was right. Through a lot of prayer and fasting, as well as more faith and strength than I believed I had, the Lord made it known to me that everything was okay. Even though I didn't get to serve in the field like many of my friends and family, I wasn't inferior to them. I felt so loved and comforted. I knew I hadn't accomplished the same achievements and blessings of a full-time missionary, but I knew He knew my limitations and loved me for trying.

Why I am a Mormon

I haven't always been the strongest and most active member. There have been times that I've drifted away, and I'm not proud of that in the least. I've seen the contrast of living the Gospel standards and not living them in my own life and experiences. Living my life according to the practices of the church drastically outshine the periods where my faith has slipped. My life became dark and difficult to navigate as a result of wandering away from the Gospel. I can't imagine obtaining the same kind of joy and peace from the confusion and ambiguity of a life without the church. The teachings of this Gospel have changed my heart and have persuaded me to come unto Christ again and again, and each time I have has brought me light, life, and happiness. I am a Mormon because I can't help being a Mormon. I don't know any other way to find the happiness I long for and receive by following the Gospel of Christ.

How I live my faith

I haven't had many callings in the church, but that hasn't stopped me from serving. As stated above, I attempted to serve a full-time mission. I've served in callings as a teacher and a sacrament coordinator my previous wards. I wish I had more opportunities to serve in callings, but I still practice my faith with daily and nightly prayer, fasting, and scripture study. I also live worthy to enter the temple, and I serve there as often as I can. As I grow in my faith, I hope to serve in more callings and help those in need, as well as share the love of Christ and His message with all who will listen. I believe that though my mission came to a sudden, unexpected close, I am not done with the work the Lord has in store for me, and that I can fulfill that calling beyond my release.

What is the Atonement of Jesus Christ? Why was it necessary for Jesus Christ to sacrifice His life?

Alex S.
I can only answer this questions from personal experience with the Atonement in my life. The Atonement was the price necessary to pay for our sins, the debt that has accrued as a result of my mortality and imperfect judgment. I once listened to Elder Jeffrey R. Holland speak about Christ's Atonement, and I have never seen it the same way since. As stated in the church's official answer, "... the dying Christ was alone, alone in the most terrible reality", Elder Holland elaborated on this and explained that the Savior was so utterly alone that even His Father had to look away because of the grief it caused Him to watch. Christ, alone in every sense of the word, bled for me. For lowly, ordinary, sinful ME. A mortal god, with the power to calm the sea, raise the dead, and heal the sick, bled for my sins. All of my mistakes are now his to make right. Elder Holland told us that we must strive to ease Christ's burden. He called us to race to Christ so that He wouldn't have to be so alone. It moved me to tears. But, while I strive to ease His burden, He lifts mine from me entirely. That love was given freely., unconditional, given without any demand for something in return, for one who at times takes Him for granted or forgets His lessons and teachings. I, undeserving of such grace and mercy, received the ultimate gift of charity. The Atonement is everything to me. Show more Show less