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Hi I'm Hal Halvorsen

I am a Mormon and sometimes known as the Berlin Candy Bomber. My early work training was on small farms in Idaho and Utah.

About Me

I am a grandpa, five children, 24 grandkids and 43 great grand kids. In 1974 I retired from 30 years in the United States Air Force. For10 years I was the Assistant Dean of Student Life at Brigham Young University. At 94 I have a current pilot license and still occasionally drop candy on parachutes to kids from an old Berlin Airlift C-54 or what ever the requestors have. I worked part of the 30 Air Force years in the Space Program. I bombed the German kids with candy bars in the city of blockaded West Berlin in 1948-49, I am now a part time farmer. I enjoy camping, fishing and horse back riding on one of my two horses. Like to travel.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born of goodly Latter Day Saint parents and grew up on small farms in Idaho and Utah. I have a testimony that one can be in the world but not of it. My testimony grew after I entered the Army Air Corp in World War ll. My first major challenge was my commanding officer. At a party, under the influence of alcohol, he ordered me to drink a beer to the New Year. I politely deferred and ask for lemonade. He said, "Report to to me in the morning Halvorsen." He had sobered up. Instead of reprimanding me he apologized. Months later there was a competition for a pilot to be assigned a new advanced aircraft. I was not as experienced as other pilots but the same commander assigned the aircraft to me. The teachings of the restored Gospel has enhanced my worldly careers as well as helped me to improve my spiritual aspirations. At the end of the war I was asked to stay in the Air Force. I wondered how I could raise a family in the military environment. My officer assured me I could resign my commission if it wasn't alright for my family. I stayed in the Air force. It worked well. My children received added educational experiences from living in many interesting places with different customs. They said as they respected the right of others to choose, others respected them. Three sons and one daughter went on Church missions. My other daughter was a multi-congregation young women president. All married in the Temple. I know that that God lives and that the Gospel was restored to the earth through His prophet, Joseph Smith. I know that the President of the LDS church is the Lord's anointed representative on the earth today. I never found it strange that our Father in Heaven is as concerned for his children in North America as He was for His children in the middle east. Therefore He provided both with prophets to guide them. The Book of Mormon is a record of that guidance on our continent.

How I live my faith

I am a Home Teacher, a local missionary for the Church and have been a Bishop and Stake President. I enjoy being involved in community affairs. As we moved during our military service we worked in our communities and enjoyed getting to know our neighbors of different faiths. Youth programs were my favorites.

What is the Book of Mormon?

Hal Halvorsen
The Book of Mormon is another witness of our Savior, Jesus Christ. As a pilot with a number of missions over the oceans, Atlantic and Pacific, I have learned the value of more than one guidance system if you want to consistently arrive at the desired destination. The assurance of two systems in sync, confirming one another, is a prescription to obtain confidence, provide low blood pressure and establish a condition of well being. If you are but one degree off on the heading flying across the ocean you will miss your destination by the projection of one degree over the distance. The Book of Mormon is an additional guidance system on our journey through life. It is a companion piece to the Bible. Earnestly applied they give us assurance that we are on course, or in need of a correction, on our journey back to our Father in Heaven. Our small decisions put our footsteps on the path that leads us to our final destination, either for good or evil. In James Chapter 3 verse 3 states, "We put bits in horses' mouths that they obey us and we turn about their whole body." Paraphrased in verse 4, "----they (great ships) are turned about with a very small helm---." Pointing to the small bit in old Ned's mouth, a 2000 pound animal, he quoted these verses. He said, "Son when you get out in the world your little decisions will determine your destiny. Don't forget it. The prompter/interpreter giving you directions in your ear phones is the Holy Ghost. Listen!" Show more Show less