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Hi I'm John Peterson

I grew up in Farmington, Utah, served a two-year mission in Argentina, and married the best woman in the world. I'm a mormon.

About Me

I am an Engineer. I work for a chemical company to provide for my family. My boys love all team sports, and they love to ski. My girls love to dance. I joke with those I meet saying that my hobbies "before my children" were hiking, weight lifting, skiing, etc. However, my hobby now consists of raising children. Life doesn't come easy to me and my wife. We feel a little different, because we don't have a favorite TV program, or follow something on Netflix. The two of us work hard to spend time together, despite the fact that we both love to be together whenever possible. My wife owns a salon. I help her run the salon, she helps provide for our family by working a couple nights a week. I help out as much as I can around the house. My kids love my 10 staple foods that a dad can easily prepare (thanks to the mission field for these dishes). Swedish pancakes happen to be my favorite and the kids' as well. We are perfect at attending church, but far from perfect in our lives. We don't claim to have all the answers, but the basics are what we live by. Love for each other, love for our neighbors, family and friends, but we value most our love and devotion to God. All of us believe in God and we strive to be like him. We feel a light deep in us that pushes us to have faith and to live different from the world. God is real and we know that everyone will eventually know. The next life is something we know exists. Jesus Christ made life now, and forever, possible.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon, because of the Book of Mormon. I felt sadness, borderline despair, when my parents divorced when I was 11 years old. My heart broke when my parents' love for each other was broken. Parents hold a family together, although it is possible to have a family stay together without the leaders, or parents. The Book of Mormon was either true or it wasn't. My faith in the "families are forever" teaching was wavering, and I knew that reading the Book of Mormon would help me know if "my church" taught the truth. Words can't describe the joy I felt upon sincerely reading the Book of Mormon. I read the story of a wicked and perverse people repenting and covenanting with God to no longer kill. They faced death at the hands of their own people who did not repent. They would not raise a hand to those that threatened to kill them. They preferred to die rather than take up arms to protect themselves. They praised God in the very act of dying. The love in this story hit me so deep that it changed me. Jesus Christ became a real person to me. I learned the true joy and love through the Savior. Love was the key to changing me and the world. Humility filled my heart and I found it easy to love everyone. For the first time in my life, I could see my fellow man through the eyes of God. I can't believe the unbounded love our Father has for all of us. I mean all of us. The Book of Mormon brought me to repentance, taught me to love, taught me about Jesus Christ. I know the Savior came to the Americas. Christ loved and blessed the children when He came here. The children spoke words that could not be written. The Savior wept from joy and said that no soul would be lost. I wish everyone could feel the joy I felt. I am a Mormon, because the Book of Mormon is true. Joseph Smith translated the ancient text and the Book will bring you closer to God if you are humble and read it with a sincere heart.

How I live my faith

My wife has worked a lot with the Young Women and the Relief Society sisters throughout her life. I currently serve as the Young Men's President, and find the joy in serving these valiant youth. I love taking the youth out into public and enjoy hearing from people that watch them say things like, "I could tell that you are young men or young women from the church" or "I love to watch how the kids interact and feel great to know that so many strong youth will lead one day." The two of us find great satisfaction in trying to serve as members of the church. We love the opportunities we have to be examples to our friends and neighbors.