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Hi I'm Dani Kay

I've seen both sides, the grass is greener on this side. I find joy in bringing you and everyone Happiness. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I am an artist, a singer a part time long boarder, a dreamer, cliff jumper, dancer and teacher. I train my dog to jump through hoops, i train my cat to say please, thank you. I write, i draw, i learn, i hike, i think, i wonder, i create. i take steps to places that I've never known. I stand up for what i believe in, even alone. I collect, i cook, and jump rope. I flip, i swim, and sew some. My handwriting is boss, my vocabulary swell, i love eating shakes and watching my shows. My hair changes colors, my eyes stay the same. I am a tent master and my math skills are lame. I search up my history, i correct peoples' grammar. I climb up tall towers i take real long showers. In a city I'm known as Ryan, in a family they call me Bing. I'm obsessed with sparkles and daring new outfits. I hang with the boys, i dance in the rain. I'll tough out the weather, I'll carve into leather. I sing randomly and here's the thing, i can fit 36 grapes in my mouth can you? I'm in boy's life the magazine, I've memorized special extended edition Lord of the Rings. I waste so much time and stumble upon, and that's just what i can do, who i am and how I'm known. So come say hello, I'd love to meet you :)

Why I am a Mormon

Well I'd been raised Mormon but about the age of 15 i chose to fall away. I'd always heard that you can't be a fence sitter, you can't serve Satan and God. I'd heard that God worries about you when you mess up and choose the wrong... So i decided that i didn't want to make God worry about me. I chose to cut him out of my life completely so that he wouldn't have to worry about me, cause i figured he'd know i wasn't coming back. I lived a rough and depressed life, claiming to be happy, for 2 1/2 years. I took the title Atheist for those years and didn't go to church, read scriptures, pray or smile. Then I moved to a new town.. and i saw this boy that always smiled. He said hello to everyone, he loved his family, he was modest in everything he did. At first i thought i had a crush on this kid and i thought of ways to get with him so i could be by him. But as the days went on i realized that i didn't have a crush on this guy.. no no i wanted to Be this guy! So i saw how he acted and i tried to copy it but that's insanely hard to do when half the things he does are against your forced beliefs. And then i realized that... i realized that my atheism was foolish. How can i claim to be Atheist and have my reason be "so that God doesn't have to worry about me."? So i went to church. Then after a few weeks i picked up my scriptures and started to read. And as i read i couldn't help but pray. And next thing i knew i was so overcome by the spirit in one of the meetings that afterwards i ran right to my bishop and asked him what i needed to do to be forgiven for the mistakes i'd made in my 2 years away. And as i walked away from that talk with him, i knew in my very soul that i'd been forgiven. And i knew that feeling was the spirit that i thought i'd lost, but i realized it had never left me. God hadn't forgotten about me like i wanted him to. He loved me just the same. Now here I am. Smiling, truly happy for the first time in years. And I believe in God without a single doubt.

How I live my faith

I start out by simply Smiling ^_ ^ I say hello to everyone who looks my way. I listen to others and teach them the gospel. I wear my Young Women's medalion. I'm not ashamed to openly live what i believe. I do simple favors, and take people presents for no other reason then i think they might need it ^_ ^ I include everyone and visit the temple. I am a primary teacher for the 4 year olds (I teach little kids the gospel :D) Hmm i LOVE public speaking and always give deep talks when i'm invited to. I'm preparing to serve on a mission. Basically i read the scriptures, say my prayers and live my life with a smile.