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Hi I'm Dawn Armstrong

I grew up in very humble circumstances.

About Me

I am wife, mother, writer and a collector of people. My husband Craig is my best friend. He is a wonderful man. Our marriage is like any other marriage, lots of love, lots of ups and downs, and lots of work! It isn't perfect, but we go through hard things together and come out even more in love and devoted to one another. I have eight beautiful and wonderful children. When I tell people how many children I have, people are often shocked!! I love my huge family!! I didn't grow up with a lot of love in my life, so decided to create it for myself. I figured the best gifts I could give my children is the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the gift of each other. We raise our family to be very close, so they really look after one another...and I love that! We have our moments of craziness, but that's part of growing together in love and charity. I couldn't be more in love with 9 people! I am an artist at heart. I love making anything and everything beautiful. I have a passion for writing. I am currently writing my first inspirational book and hope to write several more in the years to come. I treasure all moments in life and I tend to make a very big deal out of everything! In my world, everything is a special occasion.... YOLO! Lastly, I would say that people are my favorite hobby. I love meeting people from all sorts of different faiths and backgrounds and becoming the best of friends. It is people that are truly the greatest treasures life has to offer.

Why I am a Mormon

I have a very unique perspective as I have been associated with so many amazing religions. Some would call me a seeker. From a very young age, my heart was always searching for life's purpose, meaning and how God fit in to both. As a young girl, I loved attending the Catholic Church with my friend. Her family is amazing and I was blessed that they included me. I also cherished my time spent learning in the Pentecostal, Jehovah's Witness, Protestant and Baptist churches. I respect and cherish the many people of various faiths that helped me find God and plant wonderful seeds in my heart! Isn't it so wonderful that we can seek and share goodness from people of all faiths!! I am a member of the Mormon church because God led me here. I had very distinct and amazing spiritual experiences as a young child. When I found the missionaries, those same feelings came rushing back to my heart. For me, finding the Mormon church was like being on a very long journey and finally finding home. I have experienced such spiritual and personal growth from not only studying, but living the gospel of Jesus Christ. William R. Bradford said it best, "When a person is placed in an environment of order and discipline where all that is done is in harmony with the Spirit, that person experiences a great transformation. The heavens open. Powers are showered out. Mysteries are revealed. Habits are improved. Sanctification begins. Through this process that person becomes a vessel of light that can shine forth the gospel of Jesus Christ in a world in darkness." No words can describe my deep gratitude for the Savior of the World. That one selfless act, saved mankind. Every Sunday, I spend time thinking Jesus suffering on the cross and I wonder...how long did he suffer there for me? How many drops of blood were for my sins? I want to honor that sacrifice in all aspects of my life, and never have I honored him more than living my life as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by being a servant of God, a respecter of all persons and a friend to all. I truly believe that we are God's hands. All work that he does here on earth can only happen through us and our willing hearts. It is important for us to reach out in fellowship to everyone around us, those with in our faith and..most important those outside our faith. I can't think of a person alive that doesn't need a friend. We should always be quick to offer friendship and love. I have cherished friends that have very different opinions and view points and it is so wonderful!!! I cherish the growth and learning that I experience from those friends who aren't exactly like me. I have NEVER been afraid to stick up for my own beliefs, but I also believe we should be very respectful when listening what is important to someone else. People are fascinating! What a gift it is that we can all be different, yet love each other just the same! I think our pop culture in some ways teaches that there are things we just shouldn't discuss.... I think it is the opposite! I talk with my friends about all issues whether it is politics, social issues, religious topics, etc. In the end, we are laughing...and all of us leave with a deeper understanding of each other and the issues. I think we would look at issues quite differently if we have the chance to see it through different eyes. Friendship is so important and such a treasure in life. I can't think of a better way to serve and love the Lord. In a world where we can be anything, to me being a friend is pretty priceless.

Who was Joseph Smith?

Dawn Armstrong
I like to answer this question specifically because so many not of our faith are confused about the role he plays in our church. Joseph Smith founded our church. We in no way worship Joseph Smith, although we very much honor him for all of the sacrifices he made to bring the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ back to the earth. He gave his life to this cause, and that sacrifice deserves honor and respect. The foundation of our faith is Jesus Christ, he suffered bled and die to save us all. We believe that his sacrifice made it possible for us to be forgiven for our sins and be able to return to our Heavenly Father once again. So when it comes to our religion, we thank and honor the courage and sacrifice of Joseph Smith, but it ends there. We worship God the Father and his son Jesus Christ. We preach of him, we teach of him, he is the chief cornerstone of our faith. We hold God in the same regard as a father who love us and we love him...and our lifetime goal is to use the atonement of Jesus Christ to return to our Father in Heaven. Show more Show less