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Hi I'm Mallory

I grew up both on the flat lands of NC and the Rocky Mountains of Utah.I have a big family and big dreams. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up with a split family and have traveled most of my life between the Utah and the east coast. My parents divorced when I was young but their second spouses brought my total number of siblings to eleven, talk about birthday stress. It's been difficult as so many people with so many backgrounds have tried to come together and be a family, sometimes we succeed, sometimes we don't, but we try. The hardest point is disharmony in our religious beliefs, it causes a lot of strife and heartache and negativity, but with the churches stance on families and their importance and all the resources to strengthen them, I have overcome even the worst feelings of it all. And I know that I his gospel does and will bless my family forever. Other than that I enjoy art, writing, reading, music, and making people laugh until they can't breathe (that's the best) I hope to one day work for Disney or teach art in high schools to help kids have an outlet and gain confidence in who they are, to reach for better things. I have been all over the US and hope to eventually get SOMEWHERE outside the country one day. My biggest dream is to be a Mom, might sound old fashion, but I love children and am excited watch them grow, teach them good things and see how they react to life, to help them rise above their circumstances and who knows? Maybe they will change the world, but they will change mine!

Why I am a Mormon

I was born in the church. I never knew anything outside of the Mormon faith. Until those family differences exposed me to other things, new ideas, and new teachings. It was a huge culture shock, it was a lot that came all at once and was confusing and even o form of persecution from those family members I had not expected it from. But it was good, because it got me thinking, I claimed to believe this church but, did I know what we believed? I was suddenly horrified that everything I had ever been told might not be true,nth at God wasn't even real- or He was real and I had been offending Him my whole life. It began to eat away at me. For a year I searched, for a year I questioned everything, I became only more afraid confused and doubtful, it was a dark time and I hated just about everyone that tried to give me any further advice. But on one of many sleepless nights, I got an answer. And though I don't think here is the place to describe what happened, I will say that God answered my prayers, but only after I told Him I was going to believe and bet this church was true and that He was there. Why? Because I want good things in my life, and God is the source of all good things, and this church is the only one I can find that exhorts teaches and supplies nothing but good things. "By their works ye shall know them" that one night, in a way I can't describe a peace filled my soul and I know God is there and this church is the only way to follow Him completely because it teaches of our Savior and has the fullness of his gospel as our Redeemer. So I try every day, and I have a ways to go, but it is completely and totally worth it I promise! And even better, it's possible because of what the savior has done for me, for you, for all of us.

How I live my faith

right now I am serving as a missionary for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in new England And I love it! Every minute of every day I am striving to be like the Savior, serve my fellow man and help people make amazing and lasting changes in their lives that has brought forth modern day miracles! I can't write them all here I have seen so many! Tears of joy and feelings of wonder are common and that feeling of peace which surpasses all understanding fills my heart even among persecution. I serve everyone that will accept my offer and pray and study a lot, and I have come to realize that the teachings of Jesus Christ is a way of life, and everyday I am getting better at living it in the little things I do. Kindness, faith, love, patience, hard work, and other skills that I am trying to develop I have every opportunity to work on. It's an amazing and wonderful opportunity to prepare for the rest of my life.