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Hi I'm Wendy

I'm an Army Brat, wife, mother, teacher, athlete, and cookie connoisseur. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm an Army Brat, so I spent my childhood moving all around the United States and meeting different people in a variety of settings. I loved it. I then studied to become a teacher, where I worked in the classroom as a High School Social Studies teacher (my favorite subject to teach is Psychology, but U.S. History and Geography are close seconds). I now work to create online curriculum and teach a few courses online, but I spend most of my time chasing around my two children, who keep my sufficiently exhausted! We live in Durango and love spending time together as a family exploring our beautiful surroundings. I enjoy running, swimming, biking (okay, so I've only done one triathlon but I want to do more!), playing soccer, exercising, hiking, and playing at the park with my kids. When we're inside, I love to bake (and eat), play board games, and read.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I know that there is a God in heaven who loves us and that He didn't leave us on Earth without a plan or a purpose. He sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to show us the way we should live so that we can be made clean enough to live again and return to our perfect Heavenly Father. I am a Mormon because I believe that an essential part of God's plan involves directing His people and giving us advice and counsel through scripture, and also through prophets. Just like in Biblical times, I believe that God speaks to prophets today and they help lead His church, but even more importantly, I believe that God still speaks to every individual who wants to hear Him. I prayed about being Mormon, and I felt a peace and assurance that this is the true Church. I was raised by Mormon parents, but they both converted to the church in their late-20s. My mom was raised Catholic and my dad was raised Baptist, but once they got married, my Mom felt strongly that they needed to find a church that they could attend together as a family. My mother's faith is impressive, as she sought out a church where she felt she could get answers to questions she had held for years. During this time she studied with a bible study group that emphasized the importance of getting baptized, so she even joined another church first before she decided to call the LDS missionaries (she knew of the Mormons because of good examples from a sister-in-law and neighbors she had while living in the Netherlands). She eventually joined the church while my dad was in law school, and he agreed that he would listen to the messages from the LDS missionaries once he finished up with school. In the meantime, my mom pestered him with quotes and scriptures, and he read the Book of Mormon, Our Search for Happiness, and A Marvelous Work and a Wonder. By the time he graduated and the missionaries met with him to teach him about the church, he was already converted.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by making a determined effort to teach (with the help of my husband) my kids the importance of Jesus Christ in our lives. We try to start each morning at the breakfast table with a prayer and a scripture story and then end each day with a family prayer. Those are good things, but I think more importantly, my job lies in helping my children see and recognize what God does for them each day. I try to show them the beauties of the earth when we are outside, I pray with them with they are sad or scared, we say grace before our meals and even sometimes in the car when we recognize how blessed we are during the day. Aside from that large commitment to motherhood and teaching my children to be faithful, I also serve in our local congregation as a leader in charge of the young women, ages 12-18. As a high school teacher, I LOVE this age group and enjoy being with them at church on Sundays or at our weekly activities. They have so much to offer the world and I feel like that age is an important time for discovery, faith-building, and growth. It's awesome.

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

I felt absolutely no pressure to go on a mission, but when the time came in my life to consider whether or not I wanted to go, I couldn't help but feel excited about the possibility of sharing the joy that I feel and comfort I get from knowing God's plan for me. I LOVED my mission to Switzerland and Germany and am grateful for the special time I had to devote all of my energies to God and to serving His children. It seems like a dream now, but it has shaped my life in immeasurable ways. Show more Show less