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Hi I'm Lani Alice

I'm a sister, a zoology drop out, a lover of music, a jack of unrelated trades & I'm a Mormon

About Me

I was born and bread in amazing Australia (call me biased). I was brought up in a household full of diversity, as a result have grown to understand and appreciate differences in culture, opinions, race, economic status and religion! I have been personally influenced by many amazing women in my life and have a strong sense of belonging as a female, this may be evident if you were to consider that I live with 5 other females 3 hens and a female dog & cat. I'm a high school graduate and upon commencing a bachelor of Zoological Science, I sadly but very happily discontinued it because I felt like I was floundering in a pool that didn't have MY PH level...(Zoology and I did not match). I am a jack of different trades so it may be no surprise that I have questioned whether I want to pursue a career in Music, Science or English literature. I'm a swimming teacher and love the energy that children bring. I feel happiest and most at peace when Im singing. I'm preparing to serve a full time 18 month volunteer mission because I know that a life having known Jesus Christ and having followed his example is the greatest life a person can experience.

Why I am a Mormon

Firstly, I'm not a Mormon simply because I was born into a Mormon family, I have too much of an inquisitive mind to accept a belief without question and logic. In my mind I questioned the odds of me being born into a family that just so happened to be in the RIGHT religion at the RIGHT time in the RIGHT place, and the odds were slim. How could this church be true? To me the only logical explanation was that firstly Joseph Smith was not a liar because it would have taken another level of genius to create the Book of Mormon. Essentially I'm sure that everything in this world is governed upon an Action and a Reaction either being a good, bad or neutral one, I knew that I needed to experiment because if something brings about positive outcomes then its safe to say its good. So through study and prayer I came to feel and continue to be reassured that Joseph Smith was no liar and that God and Jesus Christ are REAL. . No other explanation of God or why we are here Satisfies me as much as the teachings of Jesus Christ does. Not only does his teachings make so much sense but there is a sense of joy and peace that has ONLY come whenever I follow his example.

How I live my faith

Each day I try and be true to the things that I have been taught; which are the teachings of Jesus Christ. I try to be someone who is perfectly honest in all my dealings, I am continually striving to be more humble, patient, and a seeker of the good things in life. I try to study the scriptures (The Bible and the Book of Mormon) each day. I participate in Church each Sunday and love serving as a Youth leader teaching girls 12 to 14, I also love serving as a Ward missionary where I get to encourage 'new members' or even non members to learn more about Christ. I have learned that praying to God EVEN when you may not feel like he is there can most certainly bring about miraculous events, so I never go a day without praying. I know that in order for me to get the most out of this experience on earth, I need to give as much of my talents and skills to people. I know that singing for people has been a very deep and gratifying experience for me because I've felt that as I share my abilities, my love for others AND myself grows. Ultimately the person who I try to be like even when I'm by myself is Jesus; he is the one person who I will die trying to be like.