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Hi I'm Bridger Avery

I live in Utah. Love reading, love swimming, and love my family with all my heart. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm the youngest of 9 siblings,all of which are either half siblings or step siblings. I love to do pretty much anything as long as I'm with my loving family. My favorite things to do though are sitting on a beach in the sun, and reading a good book in front of the fire place. I've been called to serve a mission in Mexico City, and never been more excited.

Why I am a Mormon

I origianlly became a mormon because both my parents are. I never fully believed anything about the church, other than that there was a God(Heavenly Father) and our savior. But there was still a part of me that wanted to believe. That desire to believe was fullfilled in seminary, and actually went past just believing to knowing. I don't mean seminary as a whole over time (I'm sure that helped), I mean one specific day. It was a lesson my seminary teacher called The SMTC(Later I would find out that he had planned that lesson specifically for me). All through my life I said I was going to serve a mission, but I only said that because I knew that was what people wanted to hear. I decided about a year ago that I wasn't going and from the point my life went down hill. I got in to things I shouldn't have done and it made me hate myself and lead my farther down the dark path I was going. (This is where the seminary lesson comes into play) As I was sitting in seminary during that lesson I had this unmistakeable thought that I needed to get down on my two knees and ask Heavenly Father(God) if I needed to go on a mission. From that prayer I got the urge to ask my friend why he was going on his mission. So I texted him and thought nothing of it. That was until I got his response on the way up to go skiing with my dad. That text was my answer that I needed to go without a doubt. So I made the desicion then to go, and to get my life back on track and off that dark path I was traveling. But I still didn't fully know(I did believe then) all the things of the church, I did know that the best way for me to know was to read and pray on the Book of Mormon. I finished in four days because I had to know. I know now. I know Christ is my savior. I know he attoned for my sins. I know that Heavenly father loves me, and always will. I know the B.O.M. is true. I know Joseph Smith restored the true church. I know this church is the only true church. That is why I am Mormon, and stay one.

How I live my faith

By trying to be a better person everyday than I was the day before. Serving a full time mission. Attending my church meetings every week. Striving to love everyone equally. Being an example to my family and those around me by not drinking, smoking, or using vulgar language.