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Hi I'm Jeff

I'm Jeff, I was born in Utah, but raised among the States. I like to read and learn, I'm a bit of an oddball and love to cook.

About Me

I like to do a lot of things. I love to cook, Italian, Mexican, sometimes an odd European dish. I especially love pizza. I make it for myself and family every Friday. Its nice simple and calming. It was good that I liked to cook so much cause I work at McDonald's. I also love to read and write, Fantasy and Sci-Fi are my favorite genres. I will take it in any medium, whether it be movies, TV, books, comic books, cartoons/anime. Its childish, but I just love interesting and intricate worlds and stories of amazing people and the things that they do. I also love History, no surprise. Its my favorite school subject. I love hearing about massive or tiny little nations and their hardships, culture, and mythology. You can learn a lot from the stupid or smart things that people have done in the past. German, Egyptian, Japanese and the Crusader's History are among my favorites to learn about.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born to two wonderful parents who were members of the church, so I grew up in the church but really didn't have much faith in it. When I was younger I would always complain about it and want to go back home when we went to church and hadn't really read the Book of Mormon or any scriptures for that matter. When I was in High School was probably really the first time I really read the scriptures. During my time in High School I had pretty much read everything in the scriptures except the Old Testament. The Doctrine and Covenants were especially wonderful to me. I would always struggle with the why when I was younger, why this, and why in that way? I really did struggle with a lot of things in the gospel before then. Why us? Why start a church here? Was Joseph Smith really a prophet, did he really translate the Book of Mormon and receive revelation from God? Is Christ even real? The Doctrine and Covenants really helped me know of a certainty of everything in the scriptures. Really I'm a member because I decided to actually sit down and read. Before then I would do all the things like not eat or drink things I shouldn't, paid my tithing, did my home teaching, but I never really felt anything about it. It all comes down to reading and praying or at least it did for me. I never knew anything until I read and then I was like the Gates of Heaven opened and it all made sense. The Godhead, Joseph Smith, the atonement and everything about the gospel sudden became a very wonderful and real thing to me. I am glad and thank God every day for the wonderful testimonies that he has given all of us. I am glad that we all are given the opportunity to read these testimonies and that we can share our testimonies if we so desire. I am a Mormon because of the wonderful scriptures and testify to any who read them and pray in faith on them, that they will give you the faith that you desire. I write these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen

How I live my faith

I live my faith by going to church every Sunday, all hours, and usually go to an extra service at least one time during the week, like a Bible Study or sometimes preparatory class on Thursdays. I study the scriptures every day to the best of my abilities. Sometimes its not easy and I only read one chapter, other times I just read and read and read, although that doesn't happen every week. I love Doctrine and Covenants especially. The Doctrine and Covenants is a bit of an odd one that no one really likes, it is basically all the cans, can'ts and revelations in one convenient place. There's no History, no build up, or riddle you have to decipher its just straight up word for word black and white. This is what you should do, this is what you shouldn't do and here's why. Sometimes it gives example from History kind of saying this is why these people were so blessed, and this is why these people weren't. Its just simple and straight forward. I also love the Book of Mormon and New Testament. They just so plainly talk of Christ and celebrate everything he has done and everything he has yet to do. The hand written accounts from the Apostles and Prophets is just such an inspiration to me and really makes me feel closer to Heaven when I read it. I love the words from our living Prophets too. It always amazes me when I read or listen to their wonderfully worded talks and it just has such prevalence. Even talks from much older Prophets and Apostles such as Presidents Kimball, Benson, Hinkley, Boyd K. Packer of the Twelve and President Thomas S. Monson our current Prophet. All the Prophets since Moses have been firm and had powerful testimonies of Christ and the priesthood and today is no different. They have always said this is what it is and this is why it is and stood against all the changes in morality and remain true to the faith.