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Hi I'm Cindy

I grew up in South Jersey. I am a mother of three. I work at the local hospital as a registrar. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in a very poor situation. My parents separated when I was young and my mom tried to take care of eight children on her own. This did not always work out well for us. We rarely had food, clothes, or housing provided for us. We moved around alot because my mom never had the rent money. When my mother meet my step father, my brothers, sisters, and I endured alot of physical, mental, verbal, and spiritual abuse. This is not the life that I wanted. I remember praying alot as a child and felt like no one could hear me. I always wanted a large amount of children, not realizing that God had a plan for my life. Today, I am married and we have two girls and a son who I love more and more each day. My husband is in the military and I work full time at the local hospital as a registrar. I love my job because I get to meet new people and I am able to comfort them, make them laugh, and sometimes just listen to their stories. Little did I know my prayers as a child were heard and answered. I have a very strong testimony of the church and how my life has changed for the better. I'm grateful for the family that I have and the positive support that the church provides for our family. I'm also grateful for the hardships in my past, because I believe that without that challenge to seek out God, I may have never started on my journey. I am happy, working, caring wife and mother of three, and I know that I am never alone.

Why I am a Mormon

As an adult, I searched for a long time to find some meaning as to why I am here on earth. I looked on the internet, asked friends, I even sought out many different religions. There was nothing that felt right. I had a hole in my heart that could not be filled. I felt empty, angry, and alone for a long time. I was very depressed with my life and felt as if I was not loved by anyone. Even though I was married, I felt very distant from my husband. I saw a therapist who decided that I needed medication to feel better. One day I saw a commercial on television that talked about a husband that was stressed about money and work. A wife that was just going through the motions of everyday life. Their children were very unhappy, getting into trouble at school, and not listening to their parents. I felt that was my future and started crying. But the end of the message was about how to find happiness and how the church could help. So I soon became an investigator. When I went to church on sunday, everyone seemed so happy. I remember thinking to myself how there was no way all these people are this happy all the time. I was very curious as to why and I needed to know more. I kept going back. What I saw was that the people were genuinely happy in there own life, not just on Sunday. I craved that happiness for me and my family. Through the church I found that happiness and discovered that it was from heavenly father, the scriptures, and prayer. My children have grown up knowing the strength and love that God gives to all of us. They are happy because of the change that I decided to make in my own life. Why am I a Mormon? It's simple, I want to be a better mother for my children. I love them so very much. Through the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints, I have learned to respect, and forgive myself so that I may be able to do the same for others. I have forgiven my parents for the things they have done by the understanding that they did not have that guidance.

How I live my faith

I enjoy my visiting teaching assignments. It gives me opportunities to hear testimonies and to share my own testimony. I enjoy providing services to others. The things that I may think are small, like giving someone a ride, seems to alot bigger to that person then I first realize. I assist in teaching the young women on Sundays and I help with the mutual events as well. This provides me with many opportunities to learn more about the youth in our ward. But most of all, I love when the sister missionaries call and ask if I can go teach with them. I love sharing my testimony and hearing about our savior along with the stories and testimony of others. I have the opportunity to watch them grow spiritually. The light that radiates from the homes is just breath taking. I cherish the opportunity to share my beliefs with people, and sometimes people I don't know. I was helping a woman one day in the grocery store to pick out grapes and before I knew it an hour had past while we were talking about the gospel. I find that people are not so different once you start talking. Most of us are searching for what is true, and until we find it, our lives are filled with unhappiness and pain. Therefore, when ever the opportunity comes my way, I am excited to share what was taught to me.