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Hi I'm Todd

I was born and raised in Utah, spent a few years in Europe, love our Utah mountains, skiing and family. I am a Mormon.

About Me

Before attending college I served a Mormon mission to Vienna, Austria. Those two years had a huge impact on my life as I spent the next six years studying European History and German. My wife and I were able to live in Germany for a year where I researched my Masters Thesis. I have worked in sales for the past 18 years and currently work in the education industry. I have a wonderful wife and four children who are involved in soccer, skiing and music. I love the mountains and feel blessed to live where skiing, hiking, biking, and camping are within minutes of our doorstep. Recently, our family has taken up canyoneering and love exploring the slot canyons of Utah's National Parks. My other hobbies include reading and traveling with my family. Our favorite places to travel are Europe and California.

Why I am a Mormon

Although I was born into the Mormon faith, and had great parents who took me to church and taught me through example, I had to come to my own decision to live the teachings of Christ and be a fully, active member of His church. I know that the doctrines of the church are true, and have been very happy living by its teachings. I know that there was an apostasy from the church that Jesus Christ created when he was upon the earth. That apostasy necessitated a restoration of all priesthood power and authority. This was accomplished through the prophet Joseph Smith, who not only restored the true church of Jesus Christ, but also His priesthood power and a special book of scripture called the Book of Mormon. I have read this book dozens of times and know it to be true. The doctrine and teachings in The Book of Mormon will bring a person closer to Jesus Christ than any other book. At the center of the church's teachings is Jesus Christ, his life, example, teachings and his infinite atonement. That atonement was completed through His suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane, his death on the cross and his resurrection. Through His atonement we can receive forgiveness and have the opportunity as individuals and families to return and live with Him. This belief gives me great comfort knowing that I can again see family members who have passed on before me. Like in earlier days, there are prophets and apostles again on the earth. They receive revelation from God that helps us understand how to navigate the challenges of today's world. I believe that when we follow their counsel we will be blessed and enjoy the happiness that comes from obedience to God's commandments. The church is very family focused. My wife and I believe strongly that the best way to experience happiness as families is to follow the teachings of Christ and the church.

How I live my faith

The church and gospel of Jesus Christ is the center of everything we do. I have the opportunity to work with the young men in our church, ages 12-18. I work with other adult leaders to help the young men in our area grow spiritually and participate in the Boy Scouts of America. I specifically work with the boys who are age 14-15. We place a heavy emphasis on "high adventure" where we help plan an carry out activities such as mountain biking, hiking, rappelling, rock climbing, snow sports, and white water kayaking. These activities help teach teenage boys that they can do hard things, have fun and come closer to their Heavenly Father by witnessing is wonderful creations first hand. In addition to working with youth, my son and I are assigned as "home teachers" where we visit three families each month. Through these friendships we can learn how to serve them when they are in need, and to share a spiritual thought during our monthly visit. Over the past year, we have had the opportunity to visit an elderly lady who has cancer. We have learned that just visiting her and being there for her means a lot. By participating in service and church activities I believe we come closer to our Savior, Jesus Christ and allow us to feel the influence of the Holy Ghost.

Who wrote the Book of Mormon?

The Book of Mormon is a book of scripture that was written by ancient prophets who lived on the American Continent between approximately 2000 BC to 400 AD. These prophets wrote about the history of their peoples, such as commerce, military conflict, famine, prosperity, pride, and destruction. Prophets also bore testimony of the Savior, and his visit to the American Continent following his resurrection. The doctrines of faith, repentance, baptism, the atonement, and spiritual gifts are outlined throughout the book. One of the main themes highlighted by Book of Mormon prophets is that we are blessed and prosper when we follow the commandments of God. The book tells of repeated cycles of prosperity that turned to pride, wickedness and ultimate destruction when those civilizations refused to follow God and obey his commandments. This book of scripture was written on metal plates, mostly gold and hidden by its last prophet, Moroni. Those plates were given to Joseph Smith in 1823 who, through the power of God, translated the record into what we now know as the Book of Mormon. Joseph Smith was an uneducated rural farm boy who grew up in upstate New York. When one sincerely reads the book it is quick to see that this book of scripture was not written by a young man in 19th Century America, with little more than a 3rd grade education. Instead, when read in sincerity, the Holy Ghost will testify to anyone that the book was indeed written by prophets and that it's contents are true. Show more Show less

What is the Mormon lifestyle like? How do Mormons live?

Mormons are pretty normal. We go to school, have jobs, marry, and have children. We play important roles in our communities, coach youth sports teams, work in all sorts of business and industry, and have similar hobbies to other people. What sets Mormons apart is our commitment to living by some laws that go against common social practices found in most western countries. We don't drink, smoke, or use illegal drugs. We also abstain from sexual relationships prior to marriage. Like most people, we try our best to live honest and moral lives. We work hard at what we do and give service to others. Show more Show less

How can I find someone to talk with, in person, about the Mormon religion?

Most people have friends, college friends or work colleagues who are LDS (Mormon). Most are more than willing to share information about the church. If you see young men or women walking around your town or city with black name tags, ask them as they are full-time missionaries for our church. That's what they are there to do; talk to and teach people about our beliefs. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about family?

The family plays a vital role in Mormon life. We believe that marriage between a man and woman was ordained of God and that He has blessed us with the opportunity to have and raise children. Some of the happiest times in our lives are found in family activities. We believe that if we are worthy, we can live together forever with our family members in the presence of our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ. Show more Show less