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Hi I'm Barry

I grew up in Oakland, Ca. served a 2 year mission, attended BYU for 6 years, live in N. C. and I'm LDS (Mormon)

About Me

At church I'm affectionately known as 'old guy' (73), am happily married to Barbara, have three children and two grandchildren. I'm currently spending a lot of time with composition for piano (romantic classical, sacramental preludes, etc.). I enjoy traveling, fly-fishing, and studying Church related materials. I have a Master's degree from Brigham Young University (and am still an avid BYU fanatic). At Church I serve as a 'Ward Mission Leader' working with two Sister Missionaries (ages 20 and 21)and two Elders (who are both under 21----the term 'Elders' may seem confusing to some, I know. I have the opportunity to teach a class for those people investigating the basics of church teachings, called the Gospel Principles class. Here, we share the most basic of church doctrines, including such topics as the nature of the Godhead (three separate and distinct entities), the grace and atonement of Jesus Christ, faith, obedience, Priesthood authority and organization, why we make covenants with our Heavenly Father, why we partake of the sacrament on a weekly basis, why marriages are eternal instead of 'till death do you part', why families are 'forever', the purpose of our holy temples, the structure of the church today based on the Savior's original structure of calling apostles, seventies, The Lord's Plan of Salvation (a plan of happiness) for all His children, etc. I love how the church has programs placing an emphasis on serving others. It helps me to get outside of myself.

Why I am a Mormon

I am so appreciative of the atoning sacrifice of the Savior, doing for us what we could never hope to do for ourselves. His grace, His love, His trust in us to follow in His footsteps are so all-encompassing to me. I do believe that He is the Son of an eternal, loving, Heavenly Father. I love the positivism of our church teachings and the biblically based truthfulness of its doctrines founded on the Savior's instructions to both His original apostles as well as current the apostles and prophets. I love the emphasis in our church on the goodness of Christ's example. I believe that the Father and the Son have mapped out a plan for us, which, if we follow, will bring us unfathomable happiness and joy. I love the Bible as the revered word of God. I also love the other scriptures we hold dear, such as the Book of Mormon, The Doctrine and Covenants and The Pearl of Great Price, which the Lord in His goodness, has given us. I believe that our church was restored to the earth in the early eighteen hundreds through a boy prophet to be, Joseph Smith--- and that we have true apostles today. On-going revelation continues to be the foundation for our knowing what both our Heavenly Father and our Savior expect of us as members of the Kingdom of God. I have found that what we have is simply a beautiful soul-satisfying way of life that encourages people to become what we are capable of becoming. People sometimes feel spiritually incapable---that they could never be worthy of the Lord's goodness, His love, etc. Change sometimes is difficult, but that's where the Lord's gospel is so encouraging. All of us, by exerting faith and making a sincere effort, can overcome whatever has previously held us back. I wish I could covey what's in my heart about the truthfulness of these things to whoever might read these words. Feelings are so personal, that they are extremely difficult to adequately express. All I can say is that I believe these things with all my heart and soul.

How I live my faith

I've been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day-Saints (Mormon) most all my life (converted since early twenties) I currently work with our full time missionaries as the congregation's 'mission leader' and love the experience. I suppose I have worked in just about any calling available to our church members including serving as a bishop for seven years. I love being a member of my religion but especially respect the faith experiences of people from other denominations. There are so many good people of all backgrounds on our planet. It perplexes me that so much religious 'discussion' has to center on derision-based inflammatory comments---that so many religious folks squander so much time 'gunning' against each other. A faith based on the teachings of the Savior shouldn't need to resort to that kind of behavior. I really enjoy the opportunities to serve others that allow me to grow spiritually and personally (there is no paid ministry in The Church of Jesus Christ). We all get to participate personally in doing the 'work of the Lord'. I have ample opportunities to visit families I'm assigned to look after, in order to make sure they are ok, and if not ok, to assist them in whatever ways I am able. On a weekly basis my wife and I (we are currently 'empty nesters') are able to participate in what the church calls a 'Family Home Evening'. As I mentioned elsewhere, I am able to work with our congregation's full-time missionaries a lot, in teaching people about the church, planning for meetings, doing service projects etc. They are so spiritually focused on following our Lord's admonition to 'love one another', and so much fun to be with. It makes me a better person just to be with them.

Do Mormons regard the Bible as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

I've always loved the Holy Bible and its teachings because those teachings testify that Christ is the Son of God. More importantly to me than having this wonderful book of inspired scripture, telling of the Christ to come (OT) and the Christ who ministered to His people (NT), is the process of how it came to be----revelation from God to holy men representing Him as Prophets and Apostles. That process of revelation doesn't limit Deity to only giving us the Bible. Why wouldn't a loving Heavenly Father continue to give us revelation of the things we need to know? It can't be because Heavenly Father has lost the power to communicate with us in our time. It's not because He's all of a sudden stopped loving those who seek Him out. It can't be because we don't need Him. The world is such a mess now, that we need Him more than ever. The purpose of all scripture, ancient or current--- is to testify of God and His Son and of their love for us. Because of the revelatory process, our Church also utilizes The Book of Mormon, The Doctrine and Covenants and The Pearl of Great Price as added scripture to go hand in hand with the Holy Bible in proclaiming the divinity of the Savior as the Son of God. I love all of the scripture that is available to all the world to enjoy. Show more Show less