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Hi I'm Bill

I worked in the Space Shuttle program over 31 years till it ended! I am a Mormon!

About Me

I was born in Phoenix Arizona into the home of, two loving parents and a brother. When I was four another brother was born! I was baptized when 8, and confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I remember how I felt after my baptism; a happy peaceful feeling came over me. At the time I was not sure what made me feel that way, the Holy Ghost was telling me what I did was right! I grew up in the church with daily challenges of any child. I was sick a lot and it was a real struggle to keep up with my schooling! At 12 moved to Mesa. Had a LDS temple nearby. I would go there and do baptisms for the dead! As a young adult I gained a sure testimony of the Book of Mormon. As I was reading, a feeling came over me, so strong, I knew what I was reading was true. I felt so over whelmed about it, tears came to my eyes, and I could not control myself. The Book of Mormon is really the word of God! The Holy Ghost bore witness to me that what I was reading was true. In 1978 moved to Florida. In 1979 got into the Space Shuttle program, a life long dream came true! 1980 married my wife in the Salt Lake temple for time and all eternity. Till death do you part doesn’t apply here! We have 4 boys and 1 girl. In 2010 the Space Shuttle program was nearly over. I was laid off! I made a career out of it. Worked there over 31 years. I reached my goal; this brought much satisfaction to me! I will always remember the part I played in the Space Shuttle Program!

Why I am a Mormon

The gospel of Jesus Christ brings hope and faith to me in a world of confusion, despair and wickedness. I feel love and peace from my Savior when I keep His commandments. I know He has great plans for me! He has already revealed some of them too me and more are coming! The Lord answered my prayers concerning myself, and a dear friend of mine. I have been praying about this since fall of 2013. I now know without a doubt, His Eternal plans for us! Now I must continue in patience. That is not easy! But I must trust in the Lord and allow Him to perform His miracles in His own way and at His own time. He knows best! But I must remember, never give up! It is awesome what the Lord will reveal to us if we but do what He asks us to do and humble ourselves before Him! He is ready and willing to bless His children with great blessings! I know He loves me, and I love Him. Death has always bothered me, but with the Lords atoning sacrifice for us if we repent of our sins, He will be able to bless us! We will not have to suffer, because our Savior took upon himself the sins of the world and suffered for us in Gethsemane and on the cross. Because He loved us so much, He gave His life for us! Because of Him, we will all live again! The resurrection is a gift to everyone who has lived, now lives and will yet live upon the earth. Both good people, and not so good! There is no greater joy that I can have than knowing that if I prove myself worthy I will have my family with me, and live with God in the Celestial Kingdom, forever. This brings me great comfort to know that we will still be in families, in heaven! He promises us, these great blessings, if we will keep all His commandments and endure to the end! One day I want to know what it is like to have what the Lord describes in the scriptures as, a fullness of joy! I have had church callings, and feel it a blessing to serve the Lord! I do not know where I would be without my Lord and Savior by my side every day of my life.

How I live my faith

Since I was baptized I have tried to be honest and kind to my fellow man, and women. I felt like it was the right thing to do! There was a saying: "What would Jesus do?" It was not easy to always do what Jesus would do! But as I grew older my testimony in the Gospel got stronger, and it became some easier to do what Jesus would do! No I am not perfect, I make mistakes there was only one perfect man in this life, Jesus Christ. I keep trying, when I fall, I get back up and do the best I can! I have had to go through many trials and tribulations all through life, and still will! The Lord says we must endure to the end! I know the Lord will help me reach my goal, because He wants me too return back too Him! I enjoy listen to good inspirational music, especially church hymns when I feel sad, it helps me feel closer to God! Also inspiring talks from inspired men and Women, good books, and wholesome movies that when you leave you have a good feeling about them! I have done some missionary work, and helped some of my friends join the church. I have my daily prayers, and read the scriptures. These are things very important to me! I have a testimony that Joseph Smith was, and still is a Prophet of God. Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ appeared to him when he was a young boy, and the Lord chose him to be an instrument in His hands to restore the gospel of Jesus Christ back to the earth. Including the priesthood that had been taken away, now its back on the earth to give Gods authority once again to man to perform holy ordinances that God will accept. I know today we have a living Prophet Thomas S. Monson, Twelve Apostles, and other church leaders to guide and direct the church in accordance too Gods will! In recent years, I have gone too the Orlando Florida temple and done work for our family members who have not had the blessings of the temple before they passed away! Because of that Priesthood God will accept the work done in the holy temples.