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Hi I'm Thomas

I'm a 3rd generation member and raised in an immediate family of church members, in Scotland. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a bit of a Geek, love my history, science, and literature, subjects I have always studied emphatically within my formal education, and researched passionately outwith it. Be it reading up scholarly articles and papers, or jovially debating these matters with friends who share my interests, these are topics I often like to pursue when ever its appropriate (and sometimes when its not, but oh well). I enjoy long distance running and hiking, and of course as a Scot, I often like to think of myself as a bit of a Munro bagger (I wish, I've only done about 8). This hobby is one I have pursued across the country and an interest I most often found shared within the church. Of course, in such travels I often take advantage of the rich history which so often associated with the majestic hills, mountains and well trodden paths. My reading isn't just limited to the classics and mountain guides though (scratch that last one actually, I am TERRIBLE at map work and orienteering), I love epic fantasy, from Tolkien, to Robert Jordan, my reading hobby is never more fully enjoyed than within this genre. I have received a place in the Bio-Chemistry course at the University of Dundee, and I hope to make a career in scientific research and development one day, whether it be medical, based around genetic engineering and production of chemical goods, or 1 of several other options, I don't know. Still waiting to see what exactly the future has in store for a kid like me.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I have read the Book of Mormon and as I received the things within it I prayed to know whether it was true, having faith that I would receive an answer, and committed to act on the answer I would receive. Although I choose not to share the manner in which the truth was made manifest unto me specifically, I testify that anyone who approaches the Gospel of Christ in this manner is ENTITLED to a confirmation of the truth of these things, and that when that confirmation is received, it will be undeniable. No matter what reaction is provided with, you will be completely sure of what the truth is, and I hope that from that you will want to do what is best to achieve eternal happiness The many principles of the Gospel which one lives as a member also contribute to my being a Mormon. They make me happy and a system is provided by which I can know each individual one is true. If one studies a principle and learns what it consists of, then spends a time living their life according to it, a similar process of prayer as mentioned above will provide you with the necessary confirmation to know yet another thing has been graciously provided to the children of God by which they can gain blessings I know of the truth of the Gospel and what it teaches. I know that the true Church of Jesus Christ was restored to the earth by the prophet Joseph Smith in these latter days, never to be taken away again. I know that this authority and truth has continued and thrived through the Mormon church as currently led by President Thomas S Monson. I know that as I adhere to the precepts of the gospel I can achieve true happiness in this life and eternal joy and glory in the one to come. I believe that there is no other means which mankind has access to at this time by which the wonderful blessings I have mentioned can be achieved Some people may question the momentous changes and limitations being a Mormon entails, but I can only see such things as a blessing to my life

How I live my faith

I have a firm belief in faith through actions. I have spent time volunteering in local primary school sports clubs and I like to feel that no one in the local community who knows my family would hesitate to ask for our help in anything they need. A willingness to serve others in any capacity which you are capable, acting under the guidance of our Heavenly Father's will is a fundamental attitude to living the gospel of Jesus Christ. I always seek to do whatever I can to serve, and gain a great deal of satisfaction from it Study of scripture and the words of the lord's modern day prophets also plays a prominent part in practicing my faith. After receiving the saving ordinances, I feel that exerting effort to unveil the mysteries of God is one of the most important thing someone can do to personally progress in the gospel. Doctrinal curiosity and a willingness to question everything is a trait I feel is essential and encouraged in the church. I ensure that I engage in general basic gospel study every day in order to help my way through the problems I might find myself facing, trusting my study to be guided towards what I need. I also try to face up to the doctrine colloquially known as "the meat" (as opposed to "the milk"), in order to discover the nature of universal laws, God's great plan for us, and concepts I can't sum up in a few words. That's the beautiful thing about the gospel, it works at every level at which a child of God could find themselves. We can be saved with the most basic understanding provided the effort is made, but for those who at times wish to delve deeper... you get the picture. I live by the counsel given to me by my local leaders who I support as divinely appointed people put in place to lead members at a local level, and know best how to direct the efforts of members for the church here to progress, and I know what ever duty they are inspired to place upon me is both possible for me to accomplish, but will be of great benefit to me