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Hi I'm Vergel

I love being a Mormon

About Me

My parents were baptized before I turned 1. My parents, especially my father, Virgilio Sevilla, freely received the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. I grew up in the church from Primary till now. Since then I saw my father as a good example. He has a great countenance and great example. Though, I need to search my own faith for it can't be inherited. I also asked myself if the church is true. I was able to live in a boarding house when I entered college. On weekdays I was in school and on weekends I was in my house. I found freedom in this time-frame. However, it is more fun in the house. I fond joy with my own family gathering, having family home evening. I also grew in family scripture reading and family prayer. What I want the most is the family gathering (my grandfather's family in father's side). There's always celebration every Christmas' eve and New Years' eve. Also, if there is somebody's birthday in the family. the bond of my family is so great that all the third generation are friends to one another. Our whole family, some of my uncles, aunts, siblings, parents and cousins (I am not included), is part of our branch choir. The members in my home branch, Hundred Islands, are too active. I am playing ping pong with my brethren when I was in my youth years. I always dreamed to serve a full time mission in a foreign country. Then I am blessed to be part of Colorado Denver North Mission.

Why I am a Mormon

Seeing my father in his leadership makes me adore Him. He raised me in the church and taught about the Savior, Jesus Christ. He gave me wonderful life though we have little to provide. He never misses to counsel us when we fail to do right things. He is my model. He is near in perfection. The light of Christ that he has is pure and he never put it on his head but hold it to help others in finding the real path. He is a great leader for he always inspire all the people that he comes along with. He always paint smile on the face of all the people he meet. I want to become like him. Though, my parents are member, I did search the truth on my own. I am member because of my faith and the faith of my parents unto me. I want to do what my father is doing. I want to help others know the happiness that I am enjoying and tasting the sweetness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I want to preach the Restored Gospel unto the people, let them have faith for them to repent and baptize to receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost. I want to become perfect like Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. My dream is simple yet it will provide me eternal life. That dream is to be eternally married and have my own family. I always adore my family and how my parents raise us. I want to follow the footsteps of my parents and the first step of doing it is becoming a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Life will be difficult but with the help of our Lord, it will be light. The burdens will be lightened by Him. My father always told me that as long as I keep the commandments, I shall prosper in the land. Though, it might not be wealth but also the prosperity of my spiritual and whole being. And by following the commandments I should be in the true church. I know of myself that this church is true. I will be walking on a strait and narrow path and Heavenly Father will help me along with my companions on our ways. This is an eternal prospective and becoming a Mormon is the first step.

How I live my faith

I left home when I was 19 because of work. I really miss my family when the holiday comes. Since I am far, there's nobody that is like me, a Latter-day Saint. I found joy having freedom and acting on my own. I was away in the church for a period of time. Then, I felt something is missing. My work is not actually helping at all even though I have enough salary. Then, later I lose my job. My father admonished me to pay my tithes. I prosper and found another job. I am having enough pay and I can provide all my needs. However, there was missing in me. I am forgetting my dream, to become a missionary. I started to pray to Heavenly Father and shared all the pleadings of my heart. I started to have a covenant that I will serve my mission at the correct moment. My days did continue. I am still praying to Him. Then, I went to institute and study the Book of Mormon. One day, I read a verse "But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you."(3 Nephi 13:33). I started to think and see that it is true. I started to be active again, attending all the Sunday Service. When I was called to become the Young Men President I did accept it. I was also assigned as the Young Single Adult Representative. I was so blessed. Then, I processed my missionary papers. My hopes of being in the foreign country is actually one of a hundred. I will go whatever it be. Then, I was so blessed when I saw my mission letter stating that I will be serving in Denver Colorado. Heavenly Father is really hearing my prayers. Also, the atonement of Jesus Christ is so infinite that I become happy and know that I am safe. It is true that "For every one that asketh, receiveth; and he that seeketh, findeth; and to him that knocketh, it shall be opened."(3 Nephi 14:8). I will continue on this journey for it completes me. It's also the path that my parents want me to take. I love them and I will honor them for it is a step in honoring my Heavenly Father.