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Hi I'm Janis

I am Mormon! My Father was in the Airforce. I study Nursing currently a CNA, working on my RN.

About Me

My Father Retired from Davis Monthon AFB, when I was around 6, I am the youngest of three girls all raised Baptist. Our Family had some dysfuntion and my oldest Sister at 17 (I was 6) left home and moved in with a LDS family down the street and joined the Church . She continued to pursue her dreams and attended BYU at 18. She always talked about the peace, love, family home evening and how emointionally available her friends parents where. Something I long for from my Father.I took the other road once we moved to SC. I did join the church with my sister and mother at 12, but I never " felt like I fit in with the kids who had "familys". at 13 my life turned for the worse. I rebelled, a runaway, drug addict which continued till I met my first husband I was 17 ..Him Being 16 years older then me "I thought he was my knight in shinning armour". I know today I was still seeking a Father. It didn't take long for the physical abuse to start I endured this for 6 years.. guns, knifes, threats of killing my family. The truth is I stayed, I did not know any other way, and he had the money and drugs I needed . At 23 through a DUI I found recover and have been clean now for 26 years. I left him after we had our first child. I still had a lot of work to do. So I turned to my sister and moved in with her. I watched her family their peace, love, family home evening and how emointionally available they were to their 6 children (sound familiar). Truth will be shown by the fruits you bare.

Why I am a Mormon

Why am I Mormon? Its the true Church, the Holy Spirit has shown that to me. My conversion story is above. The truth will be shown by the fruit it bares. The church has proven that to me. Lowest teen drug use, suicide, divorce. Largest contributator of humanity services via Red Cross. No one gets paid in the church, it is the true service of self. What more can I say.

How I live my faith

I have participated in the church as sec. of Relief Society, In 2006 my second husband and our family ( 3 girls) was a week away from being sealed. We both received our Temple Recommends. The Devil saw a crack in our marriage and took advandage of it and my now ex-husband relapsed on drugs and continued for 7 years putting our chiuldren and I through so much adversity. My Oldest left church, Married her high school sweetheart at 22, My middle child used Anger and Cutting and now proclams to be agnostic. My youngest and I have testimonies and believe in Jesus Christ and that the Church and Prophet are real. My ex finally landed in prison in Jan. 2013. As of June 2014 his testimony is back , his beleif is back, but my trust falters all I can do is pray for him. A family was destroyed, trust broken, abandonment and anger brought into our home. Why am I telling you this. Always remember the Devil will try harder and harder to destroy your family the closest you get to the Church of LDS, because he knows it is the true church. One day I may write a book about my life, there was so much more that happened between the age 25 and 36 , 36 is when I met my second husband. I have grown and my mind set is Jesus and our prophet has all the answers. My path in life has been planned out and I just believe. I believe my children who have strayed will come back like I did.Our Heavely Father makes no mistakes, everything happens for a reason, the adversities I have overcome is for me to help others who suffer with the same. Right now I am unable to attend church due to Prison visits for my ex falls on Sundays and is 1 1/2 away. I feel its important for my children to see their father, he is back to being emotionally available for them. I do spread the gospel to people who ask in recovery, one has joined the church. My Goal is to get my RN in Mental Health and work in a Teen Ward Unit. I just graduated with my CNA.