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Hi I'm Jeanette!

I hail from Canada, where I learned the appreciate the beauty of this Earth. I love music, reading, and my family. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a younger sister, and go figure: even though I did a double major, I still studied the same thing as my older brother: psychology. I also majored in Spanish (¡Hola a todos!) and some of my favourite Spanish classes were on grammar and Medieval travel literature. Totally random, but I commuted two hours one-way to my university campus for four years, and can I just say... those were some of the best naps I've ever had. Because I commuted a lot during university, I didn't get to have much of an extracurricular life, but I participated in Track and Field all through my public schooling (my favourite event is still Triple Jump), as well as a little bit of basketball and volleyball. I also learned throughout the years how to play the piano, the clarinet, and a little bit of the guitar and flute, though the one that still enchants me the most is the piano. I love the colour green, sushi and pho, and being able to see the good in all things, whether it be nature or another person's accomplishments.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the church so I grew up learning the concepts of the Gospel all throughout my life. I knew standard answers to questions asked in classes, and I lived my life as most church members do: avoiding harmful and addictive substances, going to church, reading my scriptures, praying, etc. Yes, because I went through the motions consistently, it helped me learn all through my youth and my early young adult years, which in turn helped me gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Gospel (and with that greater knowledge and faith, how to apply such teachings). I know I am not perfect... But I know God is. I know He is my all-loving, all-knowing Father in Heaven who is always looking out for me and can see the path I walk even as I stumble clumsily along. I know He wants me to have joy. Because He loves me and knows me perfectly, He would never let me wander down a path that would leave me with any permanent heartache, sadness, or needless suffering--and that goes for all His children. God has a plan of happiness for each and every one of His children, and Jesus Christ is central to that plan. The suffering that Christ suffered during His Atonement and His crucifixion... it was all for us to be able to follow that plan, and to be able to find relief from the many trials, temptations, and illnesses that come from living. It IS possible to find happiness in this life, and the life I believe will follow. This happiness comes from trying to follow Jesus Christ, the only perfect Son of God. For me, the thought of continual, mutual improvement together with the ones I love (despite all the undesirable things that happen in life), and a common faith and goal that unify and guide the actions of church members is why I continue to believe, strive to live, and increase my faith. The best thing is that I can see the good results of my faith and share them with others. After all, we all deserve the truly good things in life.

How I live my faith

I am one of many secretaries in the women's organization of the church, where we discuss the needs of the women my area and how we can help serve them. Something else I do is approach other people who attend church on Sundays at the same building and say hello (and if circumstances permit, have a good conversation with them). I also have the opportunity to coordinate weekly group meetings with peers in my area, where we can have a lesson about the Gospel, play some games, and have some awesome snacks. Apart from this involvement with regards to church attendance and participation, I find that one of the best ways to live my faith is to remember that everybody is a child of God, and to treat them as such. I'm definitely not perfect at this, but I know that as I try not to judge other people or treat them disrespectfully in any manner, there are opportunities made to love and serve them. In doing so, both the giver and the recipient of the service and care can be blessed and uplifted--and that is one of the best things in the world.