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Hi I'm Adam

I was born into the church. I Love to read and to get to know people. I think there is something to love about everyone.

About Me

I march to an entirely different kettle of fish compared to most people. I enjoy pondering philosophy and building robots. What links these two seemingly random hobbies is my compulsion to understand the world and all the things in it. Due to my relatively young age I have not gathered up much life experience; but I remain optimistic about having a fantastically wonderful life. So far I have been less than enthusiastic about making lasting relationships outside of my family because I have always felt that making relationships that won't last is a waste of physical and emotional energy. The reason for this thinking is that I nor they are who we will be. Somehow or another I got friends anyway and I don't know how they put up with me. My love for books can probably be considered one of the pillars of my identity. I love to read and find myself in a world where I can be someone else for a while. My favorite author is Orson Scott Card, to me, he never disappoints. I have never felt the desire to participate in sports. Instead I have dedicated my time to Drama and a non-sponsored vex robotics program. I found great success in both of these endeavors. Because I have great understanding of myself I am a little lacking in understanding towards other people. The process to remedy this may be the work of my life.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into this church and baptized at eight. However, unlike most eight year olds I didn't want to be baptized. I knew about accountability from my lessons and figured it was something best avoided. At the time I considered being baptized as some kind of get-out-of-jail-free card and was not prepared to use up such a valuable trump. My mother was having none of that and told me that if I could understand the concept of accountability then I was already accountable, and I could either be accountable with the Holy Ghost or without the Holy Ghost. And so I was baptized. Thinking back, I realize I must have been a pretty high maintenance child. I have never really been asked why I am a Mormon. So all I can really say is that it just who I am. A Adam who wasn't a Mormon just wouldn't be me. From birth I have enjoyed a close relationship with my Heavenly Father, first with my family as proxy until I was old enough to know Him for myself. Let's sum up my relation to the church like this; I love the truth and I know the church is true. Ergo, I love the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

How I live my faith

Because of my youth I have as of yet not received any church callings but that does not mean I am without responsibilities. Until recently I was a priest which is a position in the priesthood that is usually occupied by 16-18 year old boys. Priests have the opportunity to bless the sacrament and bring it to people who are unable to attend church to receive it. I loved these duties and performed them in awe. Now I am an ordained elder awaiting his call date for his mission. My two year volunteer religious service mission will soon begin and I shall be happily advancing the work of the Lord. I plan to live my faith by striving to be the representative of Christ that I am needed to be. It might be a little easier for me to live my faith than for others because of the community I live in. There is no shortage of great examples for me to follow. My class was very small with a high percentage of LDS members. Our youth group activities are pretty fun and work well to help kids connect with other kids that they might not have otherwise. It's just nice to be able to interact with people who encourage and help you to grow stronger in the church. But it's nicer to see how I can help people grow in the church. I guess it's just the old adage again, "Giving is better than Receiving". That is a big reason why I want to go on a mission. Having the Gospel has brought so much joy to my life, won't it be interesting to see what happens when I bring it to others?

How can we come to know our Father in Heaven?

You don't need to see someone to know them. To know someone means you have a relationship with someone in which you understand the other party to some extent. One of the easiest ways to get to know someone is to look at there actions and then try to understand the purpose behind them. God's actions are numerous enough that we have no trouble seeing them in our daily lives if we care to look. So the only part that people have trouble with when getting to know God is the understanding part. Realize that we aren't trying to understand what or why God is, we want to know who he is. I think the very most basic reason that God does anything is love. He loves all of us. So ask yourself, "Why does God love me?", "Why does God love him?", "Why does God love her?" These questions are powerful and their answers will bless your life by bringing you closer to God. So, one last thing to chew one, "What is deserving of God's love that is not deserving of mine?" Show more Show less