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Hi I'm Gregory Larson

I'm a missionary, musician, I love to read, spend time with my friends doing all sorts of shenanigans, sleep, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am currently serving in the Nevada Las Vegas Mission (NLVM) and am having an absolute blast! I love talking to people and helping them see how this glorious message can change their lives for the better. Reading is something I treasure greatly; it is amazing the web that can be spun in your imagination from a good book...but don't count out nonfiction, thems got some solid material as well. I adore music. I play piano (decently I suppose) and French horn, and got the wonderful opportunity to play it at BYU in one of their bands. I've called the South home for close to 15 years, though my accent still has yet to surface, only dropping the occasional "y'all" when I'm too lazy to say "you guys". I am mildly addicted to Sprite and New York style Cheesecake and my deepest aspirations include becoming a father, joining the medical field, and seeing how long I can stay in bed without getting up, but a couple of those probably won't happen at the same time. I love being around my friends and, though I am an introvert, talking, laughing, and doing somewhat questionable things in the wee hours of the morning are some of my fondest memories. I love serving in this Church, as it brings me great satisfaction and purpose, and helps me to see a much bigger picture beyond my finite perspective.

Why I am a Mormon

Until I was 15, I followed my parents in religion. I never really took the time to think if what I was doing was true or false, I just followed them because they were my parents, and I assumed they had my best interests at heart. When I was 15, my parents sent me to a week-long youth event called EFY (Especially For Youth), where youth, generally LDS youth, get together and experience what is like a religious college/camp event. You have a couple counselors who lead the group, you have classes and devotionals and learn more about the Gospel. It was all fine and dandy. However, the second day there, we got together as a group early in the morning, and they had us all go by ourselves and they asked us to really study and pray about the scriptures for a good 45 minutes, which blew my tiny mind...I had never done something like that before! I sat down and as I read and actually tried to study them, I had this...feeling overcome me, and I got the distinct impression that what I was studying, reading and learning was right. Since then, I have never doubted the Gospel of Jesus Christ. However, I still made plenty of poor choices, and I still have plenty of questions! Being on a mission has greatly widened my vision; I've been able to interact and see the Gospel influence and affect the lives of people from all backgrounds and ages, and been able to see my own growth from knowing it's true, to actually living it and watching it change MY life as well. It brings me incredible amounts of joy, peace, and comfort to live in this Gospel and be a part of Christ's true, restored church on the Earth.

How I live my faith

I'm pretty far from perfect, but I try everyday to live to the best of my ability. Right now, as a missionary, I am a literal representative of Jesus Christ to all those I see in the area in which I serve, so I do my best to act as He would. I'm obviously not as loving, charitable and just plain awesome as Christ, but I am doing my best to emulate Him. Before my mission, I served as a Sunday School teacher for my ward in Provo Utah, and BYU, and was on the Stake Youth Committee while I was in High School (basically you organize events and such for a group of LDS congregations' youth...think of it like a multi-high school student council). I read my scriptures everyday, I love the Book of Mormon and The New Testament, and I make sure to pray daily, and tell God, my loving Heavenly Father, about what and how I am doing. Recently I've been hard at work trying to make the absolute most of my mission. I'm not the world's best missionary, but I sure am giving it my best shot!

Why do Mormon missionaries proselyte?

Gregory Larson
We proselyte so that we can share this incredible message of happiness, joy, peace, comfort, and purpose to everybody that we can! We have been commanded by Jesus Christ to out and to share what He taught to everybody (Matthew 28:19); this Gospel is not off-limits to anybody. We go out and sacrifice our families, education, money, and comfort zone to go out and do as Jesus Christ would, simply extending the invitation to others to come to know Him more. We do not push or force it on people, but we ARE very enthusiastic! And we just want the entire world to know of they joy that they can receive; all they have to do is say yes! Show more Show less