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Hi I'm William Eric Chaffee Jr.

I'm a Southern Californian middle school teaching music loving sportster. Most of all I'm a husband and father. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I've lived in Southern California my whole life. Ever since a little kid I knew that l loved the idea of a family. I grew up with my dad William, really love my mom Hoa, and miss my step-mom Nelci. Life as a child could have been viewed as difficult with multiple family divorces, several different moves that came with different job opportunities for my father, difficulty paying the bills sometimes, and a brother and sister who had to look out for each other when times were rough as we were latch-key children and had to tend to ourselves during the times our dad was not married and had to work nights. With the help of supportive grandparents, siblings, parents, and friends from church, I feel really blessed that many hard times were overcome with the help of others. I'm grateful that my father and mother taught me how to be self-reliant, even though they were divorced when I was 3 years old. Their encouragement allowed me to be a self-taught guitar, bass, and drum player, and my independence grew as I had to travel to my late night basketball practices on the not-so easily to travel high desert roads on my little razor scooter. If I wanted to go to church, youth nights, or early morning seminary, there were many times I had to ask the help of others, walk, scooter, and find the means to travel. Though my childhood was sometimes very painful, I grew close to family, made great friends, started to build my testimony of Heavenly Father, and met my future beautiful wife.

Why I am a Mormon

I live the Gospel of Jesus Christ because I love Christ, I love Heavenly Father, I love my wife and children, and because I want my family and friends to experience the same joys and blessings that come from living the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and because I want them to receive the same strength to overcome life's many trials. When this life is done and we realize that it is a mere moment in eternity, I do not want to regret that I could have worked harder at helping others return to Heavenly Father. I know that I have a long way to go in preparing myself to live with Heavenly Father again, but that is my goal, and it is my goal to help as many others as possible to achieve the same goal. Life's journey is not meant to be easy, but it is definitely worth it if we strive to do everything that Heavenly Father has asked us to do. We are not perfect and will not get it right the first time, but I have a testimony that Heavenly Father sent the only begotten Son, who was perfect, that through Him we would be given the chance to return and live with Heavenly Father again. I have a testimony that being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has really blessed my life. I know that there are many faithful spiritual people of various faiths in this world who love and serve Heavenly Father, and I am grateful for them and their willingness to stand up for righteousness as they are helping to create a better future for our children. To everyone I want to testify that in the scriptures we are taught that to everyone is given the Light of Christ to know good from evil, and to honest people everywhere it is given them by the Holy Ghost to know the truth of things. So I want to bear witness that the Holy Ghost has born truth to me that through the Gospel of Jesus Christ we may return to live with our heavenly family. Now is the time to hasten our efforts, lengthen our stride, and increase our faith. The fight for righteousness is real, and I'm ready to stand.

How I live my faith

At a very early age I knew that I wanted an eternal family. Although my youth was full of mistakes, I am grateful for the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ and the more I get on my knees as an adult and ask for that forgiveness, the more I know that Heavenly Father has truly blessed us with a way to return to Him. With that knowledge, I knew I wanted to take my family to the Temple where we could make a promise with Heavenly Father to live our lives in such a way that we would be demonstrating our faith and desire to return to live with Him again. I am so grateful for His gospel, His church, and all the blessings that I see around me everyday. My greatest blessing and joy comes from my family. I have a wonderful, caring, loving, unselfish, talented, thoughtful, hardworking, funny, beautiful, happy wife. And just the same can be said about the way she cares for and loves our children. We have had a fair share of trials in our lives and in our marriage, but we both have an unwavering love of and faith in Heavenly Father and in his Son, Jesus Christ. Whether it is the loss of a child, relative, life threatening accident, or any other trial, we know that there is always a way to overcome any trial and that there is a greater purpose in all things. Our family loves Heavenly Father. We talk about Him and his work all the time to our children. Our children are sweet little spirits who like to go to church, be with family and friends, learn, grow, play, laugh, and like to share all their dreams, fears, and thoughts. We feel Heavenly Father's spirit the strongest in our home when we are working hard together to be forgiving peacemakers, provide service to each other and our family and friends, and find all the joys and blessings in life. I know it's cliche, but love is really spelled "time", and the more we give it to each other, our family and friends, and most importantly to Heavenly Father, the more we grow spiritually closer to everyone and life's divine purpose.