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Hi I'm Ty

I have a blackbelt in taekwondo. I love dancing and singing. I'm going to graduate school for mathematical physics. I am a Mormon.

About Me

About me.. hmm.. If there is one word to describe me right now it would be: Physics. Yep, I study physics all day. I suppose that is what one gets for going to physics graduate school. There was a time when I was somewhat athletic. I even got a black belt in taekwondo, but as I continued down the physics road, the athleticism was slowly pushed out to make room for nerd-ism.. So now you are probably asking: "Why do people choose physics?" Well, some may say, and not without warrant, that physicists are masochists in nature. But, looking at my peers, and looking at myself, I feel people love physics because they love truth. Recently, I married a beautiful and smart woman (about 3 weeks ago). We do everything together. We especially enjoy saving money together, running together, singing together, and eating together. Anyway, we are quite happy right now in our newly married daze. I love singing. Especially early in the morning, at mid day, and in the evening. Singing always seems to cheer me up. If I am cleaning, I tend to sing. If I am jogging, I tend to sing. I find singing is a good way to control my mood. I typically sing songs about being awesome. Songs like those from Don Quixote the musical, and "the eye of the tiger" from Rocky. I tend to sing loud but well. (as far as I can tell) I try to live a balanced life. My wife and I are striving to become "singing-nerd-jocks". And in about a year, we may start having some little "singing-nerd-jocks" of our own. :)

Why I am a Mormon

When I was really young, probably from the beginning, I was taught to pray, read the scriptures, and keep the commandments. By the time I was 8 years old, I had a great love for God, and an understanding of his love for me, so I got baptized. Striving to keep the commandments, I continued praying. Sometimes I would mess up and forget for a while, but I got pretty good at it by the time I was 19, when I decided to go on a mission. I did this because, like when I was 8, I still had a great love for God. On my 2 year mission, I had the opportunity to read the book of Mormon often every day. Every time I did, my heart felt at peace, and I felt God's love for me. With this strength, I testified to the people of Chile about Christ and about his church, and as I did, I felt God's love for me. Basically, I am a Mormon because of this: I feel God's love when I keep his commandments, repent, pray, read scriptures, and go to church. And I like feeling God's love. I know that my Savior lives, and does redeem me from my sins through his blood. I know my Father in heaven loves me, and clears a path before me to return to him. Because God's love is the thing I most want, and because I love him, I strive to keep all of his commandments in the most faithful and meaningful ways that I can think of. I know that if I continue doing this, one day I will return to our Heavenly Father's presence, clean and pure, with my wife and future children, and there, we will feel his love forever.

How I live my faith

We have just moved here (we came here about 2 weeks ago). My wife and I are getting to know the people around us. Every Sunday we go to church. There, we are meeting people and my wife now remembers about 10 of the peoples names. We feel the love the people there have for us. 3 days ago, our car did not start, and we had to ask around for help in jump starting it. Terra ,a person we met in our ward, helped us out, and in return, we gave her a pie. We joined ward choir (to my great content), and we payed our tithing to the bishop. My wife and I both love our Heavenly Father very much, and so we are trying to start good habits early that could help us in keeping all of his commandments. We got together last week, and wrote down all the things suggested and asked of us from church leaders ; from commandments like missionary work and temple attendance, to strong suggestions like keeping a journal. We wrote it all down. Now with this list, we are trying to do everything on that list. Some things like journal keeping are easy, but things like missionary work are not. For the more difficult things, we try to do something every week to improve.

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

One definition of cult is "a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object" (Google) . I think that people typically call Mormonism a cult because they think that Joseph Smith was not a servant of God, and that we worship him. This however is not the case. The children of Israel did not worship Moses who served the Lord, taught them the law, and lead them away from Egypt; nor did the saints (or at least they should not have) worship Paul for preaching the Gospel and baptizing them. Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, and a tool in restoring the gospel to the earth, just as prophets and servants of old. And just as the Israelites did not worship Moses, we do not worship Joseph, but revere him for helping us become closer to our savior Jesus Christ, and our Father in heaven, of whom we do love, worship, and serve. Show more Show less

Mormons believe Jesus Christ is their Savior. Why do we need a Savior?

After the fall of humanity, men and women were made carnal and devilish, following after whatever wicked thoughts that entered into their hearts. Because of God's justice, men/women were cut off from his presence and left to their wicked ways. But our Heavenly Father still loved his children, so he sent his only begotten son, Jesus Christ, to help us. Christ came down to the earth and humbly suffered for our sins, thus satisfying demands of justice. As we accept Christ's sacrifice we can repent, learn, improve, and be purified so we become wonderful people, and eventually return to our Heavenly Father's presence without guilt, but with joy. Show more Show less