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Hi I'm Emmett Fear

I grew up in the South. I'm a Senior in High School. I love being healthy. I'm a Choralier. I'm a Movie Star. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born in Utah and lived there until I was eleven. In Summer 2008, my family moved to South Carolina. I love football and I played for three years from fifth to seventh grade. When I moved, I became highly involved in music. I decided before my sixth grade year to be part of the middle school choir, which I did for the next three years. In eighth grade, I was Student Body President. The following summer I was able to be an extra in the movie The Hunger Games. When I reached high school, I continued to pursue music. I tried out before my freshman year for a select school choral group, but I failed to make it in. After a year in another choir, I auditioned again and was accepted! I have been with my group, the Choraliers, for the past three years. It has given me the opportunity to be part of 3 state championship choirs, 2 SATB All-State ensembles, and 2 full stage productions. As hobbies, I take joy in longboarding, energy profiling, and exercising. I like eating natural foods, as well as striving to improve my physical, spiritual, mental, and social capabilities. I am currently a senior in high school. I am preparing to serve a mission, but also preparing for big decisions that will shape the course of my life, such as college and a career. As I face my future, I know the Lord can help me find answers to my questions if I simply ask Him. I grew up in the South. I'm a Senior in High School. I love being healthy. I'm a Choralier. I'm a Movie Star. And I'm a Mormon.

Why I am a Mormon

I was blessed to be born into a family where I was raised in the church, but I have gained my own personal belief of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Throughout my life, I have always believed in the Church, but it wasn't until I had already moved to South Carolina that I truly began to embrace the gospel. Going from being 1 of 1000 Mormons in Utah, I became 1 of 2 in middle school and 1 of 6 in high school. I needed the spiritual strength that the Gospel gave me to make it through the day. This was difficult, especially before I became truly converted, and there were times that I would feel very caught up in the world. I went on like this, like a spiritual wave of inconsistency, going up and down, until the end of my sophomore year. That summer, I was introduced to Drop Everything And Read Time by my younger sisters. My family began practicing this DEAR Time; we would all drop what we were doing and read our scriptures and write spiritual thoughts in our journals. Studying the scriptures like this changed my life and brought me closer to my Savior than I had ever remembered being. I overcame the rut I felt stuck in and began to press forward spiritually in my life. I now knew without a doubt that there was a God, and he loved me. He had truly sent His Son to die for each one of us personally. He had changed my heart. Since then, I have continued to try to come closer to the Savior Jesus Christ and change my life to align my will with the Father's that I may be an instrument in His hands. God Lives and He is our Father. I know it. He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to redeem us from our sins. He has given us scriptures and set up His Church on the Earth today to bless our lives and bring ourselves and others closer to Him. He wants nothing more tun for us to return to Him. He has given us a way back through the Savior. I know that we can all return to God if we allow Him to change our hearts. He loves us more than we can comprehend. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

How I live my faith

My every school day begins 4:45. When I wake up, I kneel and pray to my Heavenly Father. Then, I study my scriptures. After studying, I do the things necessary to prepare for school. I complete my morning schedule at around 6:10, when I get in my car and drive to an early morning religion class, called seminary. It begins at 6:30 and goes for nearly an hour. Sacrificing my time and my sleep to study my scriptures and come to seminary allows me to feel closer to my Savior and prepares my heart to receive inspiration. Seminary helps me gain clarity and start the day off right. I am 1 of 6 active members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at my high school of 2,100 kids. I am watched by my peers because they know that I am a "Mormon". I live my faith every day by striving to be an example of Jesus Christ in all that I do. I share the gospel with those who have questions about my faith and I try to show them how it has bettered my life and changed my heart. I live my faith by going to my church meetings, as well as any meetings I must attend for my calling. Callings are church assignments inspired by the Lord through the leader of the church in the area, the Bishop. As a youth, I have received callings to work with other boys in leadership roles. I have been a secretary in some classes and a president in others, but all of my callings have been important. Callings have helped me gain leadership experience, draw nearer to God with my peers, and learn the Gospel of Jesus Christ more fully. The Lord has also called me to watch over member families as a home teacher. It is my duty to visit them monthly, make sure their needs are met and that, above all, I am their friend. This experience helps both me and them feel the Savior's love. I end my day by writing in a journal, recording how the Lord has blessed my life. It opens my eyes to His blessings and helps me draw nearer to Him. Seeing God's hand gives me the desire to live my faith as fully as I can.