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Hi I'm Camille Bishop

I'm a Dreamer, A Performer, and An Adventurer. And I'm A Mormon.

About Me

I am what you'd call a ''Souther Belle'', born and raised in the grassy fields of Mississippi where my horses and family would come sweepin' down the plains. I'm number 5 out of 6 beautiful siblings, and a daughter to two wonderful LDS parents. I was a child with energy levels that would scare Tony Stark, and that landed me in a 10 year long career as a successful competitive gymnast! At the brink of my teenage years I quit to try new things like..Performing, Dance, Vocal Performing, and Art! This leap of change set me on a course to graduating high-school early and entering into a 3 year Career working as a Character Performer for the Walt Disney World Entertainment company in Orlando, Florida. I was able to work and be ''friends with'' wonderful characters such as: Snow White, Belle from 'Beauty and the Best', Vidia-one of Tinkerbell's friends, and also Princess Leia from 'Star Wars'. When the story book closed and the Galaxy found peace, found a ''calling'' within my heart, and agreed to serve a Full-Time Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Eighteen months later from January 16th, 2012, I've returned home from the Toronto, Ontario Canada *Spanish Speaking Mission with a new pride of my Costa Rican background, aspect on life, and now reside with family in my home state. I love ''LOVE'' my friends, and one of the most valuable things I've learned and accepted, is that no matter where you turn or run, you will always find out that God, God is love.

Why I am a Mormon

To be honest... I wasn't always the best "Mormon", or example in general. I was raised in the church, and like most, was baptized at 8 without really truly understanding why. I just knew that it was a great thing to do, and I knew Jesus and God would like it. Sadly, that weak testimony didn't get me through my latter high school years or my young adulthood age. I fell in-active. But you wanna know something strange? Even though I had so much hate, resentment, and rebellion against the thought of church, I still kept my morals, my standards, and values that I had been taught as a child in the church. Ironic? Perhaps. But it wasn't until my faithful Bishop who'd known me before as my youth Sunday School Teacher and him pulling me aside one day..and by merely making me remember a moment in my past, my pure and innocent and personal intuitional past, he helped me remember my goal as a child of the want to serve a full-time mission. I left that 45 minute office visit, I left a dark and bleak life, I regretful past, and walked my first steps back into the warm sun, into the forgiving light, into the path of the Savior. Now having returned home from my beloved mission, all I want to do is live with same zeal and atmosphere of that I had within my mission. I always seek the "Perfect Brightness of Hope"at the dawn of every day. Why am I a Mormon? I'm not. I'm a faithful Disciple of Jesus Christ. My name, Camille Elizabeth Bishop, was given to me at the blessing of my birth. My title was given to me at my baptism: To be a witness of Jesus Christ, to stand as a testimony at all times, in all things, and in all places. He is the light and my life. He is all of whom I strive to be. So even though I performed as Princesses, Pixies, and Super heroines, there will never be anyone as valiant as me as I walk in the path of my Savior. I declare He lives, and that this is His Church, work, and Glory. Just pray. And ask. He will always Answer. He did for me.

How I live my faith

I LOVE the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It saved me. It saved my heart that so longed for peace, hope, direction, acceptance, love, retribution, drive, zeal, and purpose. Like I've said, I'm a honorable returned missionary having served a full mission in the Toronto, Ontario Canada Mission (Spanish Speaking), and love to relive my mission at any ''missionary moments'' given to me in my life. I live my faith, moment to moment, day to day, minute to minute. I live it by making short term and long term goals, and setting plans to put those goals into a movement towards success. I live it through reading the scriptures daily, but not just ''reading'', but Studying with a purpose, real intent to find something, and a pure heart to encounter treasures within my soul by His words. I make sure that I try my best to give him the same energy and respect in my daily and frequent prayers. And church is just the best thing ever! You know there's a beautiful reason and sense to why He gave us a "Sabbath Day", so that He could help us revive, renew, and re-establish our spiritual selves as we are resting from our daily/weekly works and cares. I love Sundays and rely upon them, just as He knew I would! Family is the most important thing to our Father, and us usually. Whether you love your intimate family, adoptive, or just merely the hope of loving your future family one day, family is the most vital unit that we've been blessed with in our lives. I know that the Gospel taught and delivered by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, is the key to eternal happiness first within your own personal worth but then also it branches out to all whom you know, and also those whom you don't. I love smiling all the time out of the pure happiness that I have being a member of the Lord's restored church. I love people asking why I smile so much, or why I'm the way I am, and I know that's the pure love of Christ I've been given, and tapped into!

What is the Atonement of Jesus Christ? Why was it necessary for Jesus Christ to sacrifice His life?

Camille Bishop
Christ's Atonement for me can be summed up into three simple steps: 1--He suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane to enable not only Himself to understand all the pains, sicknesses, trials, temptations, and challenges of every kind for every human to live on the Earth, but also to enable us to feel His saving Grace during those personal moments in our personal lives. 2--He died upon the cross. Step one (above) covered us for the sins we commit, enabling us to be forgiven for our mistakes when we fully repent in His name and rebuke the sins to not repeat. But this step took over obstacle number two we face at the end of mortality, called, physical death. When Jesus willingly died, and I mean voluntarily ''gave up the ghost'', that was him passing through what we all face at some point as well. He lived through it, but step three is the best part. 3-- He broke all worries, strifes, and anxiety of what happens after death! BOOM! He comes back to the Earth three days later and manifests His perfected and resurrected body! Same spirit, same Jesus, but in a brand new upgraded and immortal state and body! My brothers and sisters, this is the path, this is the trail, this is the way. He is the one who broke all the barriers we all face, enabling us to become the best we can be by choosing the right over evil, and living ever on as glorified beings just as He is. He enabled everything, hence why He's called, The Savior. Show more Show less

Who was Joseph Smith?

Camille Bishop
Alright. God is the Same: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. God revealeth nothing except to His servants the Prophets. Prophet= a selected director of the Kingdom of God on the Earth. Someone who holds the authority of God to act in His name and only by His command or guidance. The Prophet will always restore the truth to the Earth as he holds the authority to do so from God, for God knows all and will not be mocked. If God has always used these men to lead and direct all of His children on the Earth, why would He stop after the death of Christ? For that was yesterday. What about today? And Tomorrow? Why would He change His way of conducting the Kingdom for our generations? Well my friends, He didn't. He keeps His covenants, or promises. And right when His children began to open back up, religions were opening up, and His children were in a more humble and accepting state...He blessed them with another prophet. Jospeh Smith is the prophet of this generation of time, just as Moses was in his, or Noah in his, or Sam, or anyone else you find in the Old and New Testament. All that you will find in the Bible and Book of Mormon of God's primitive church, is found in the same church, His church today! Jospeh is just a name, it is the calling He was given that makes the name known, just the same as times of old. Show more Show less